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People at apart column em maniac lunatic is this the free whatever that means i didn't know you weren't supposed to take a baseball bat to play alternate frisbee i had no idea then i get labelled all kinds of names but jesse actually got a day out of playing ultimate frisbee and i don't think had a restraining order slapped on her either as i'm wrong jesse am i wrong no he doesn't bring it back to the game or an acts or anything like that right now bari i wish somebody would have told me beforehand your email said that you met the guy you want to call today playing ultimate frisbee yeah i'm frederic arcadia person and i liked trying out new adding i it online it i was gay great our weight our view that have never buy it required a single like meet up type thing we are not necessarily america or it at like yeah you people so how was it when you went out there and played did you find out your amazing ultimate further the and had no idea no i've actually really bad a bear the one guy who were really get he probably had been playing with accurate people for a long time and guy and i know that's what really turns ladies on is a guy who can handle the frisbee not too far herbal lie l back we really night because you know you have to be have in gray here now eddie athletic man on a field that is good is sexy okay yeah now it was really sexy it so i was trying to get a good pension a little bad so it during a break outbreak standing by him and and you're like offered me gatorade pipe era you look bright you could eat that rather fish euler averages some gatorade yeah he ivory tower wailua now wait a minute i mean if you're sharing out of the same bottle that means he doesn't think you're gross riot required excited because i was like okay so break in the eye carrying gatorade ri like you guys care step right next step swap its spirit young people i don't know you be quite be prepared powered and make it media really joking rick mears mike than either i like you know give it to me and you.

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