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Is pointed in the right direction to get the data the needs. And the. It's yeah. It's a three axis stabilization system and use the celestial, or Giro referenced attitude control to make the high gain antenna point back to Earth now we talked about the fact that there is an interesting gold plated copper disc on board each of the two voyager spacecraft. The golden records there for. So this This was a really cool idea you know. Who of course was the chairman for this Carl? Sagan yes, he he had billions and billions of suggestions, but not all of them can make it onto the desk, obvious right, and and these are these are these these goldplated copies engraved like vinyl records? Yeah, yeah, and kids. Ask Your parents. Oh dear, no, no kids are hipsters. These days. We know things final. It's cool kids, 'til your older siblings because they they've missed out on the HIPSTER generation right? I'm not all right, so so yeah, you're talking about a desk. Vast physical grooves that are in it that can be read using a stylus and country, which which were included the they included the cartridge and stylus did not include a turntable. So aliens aliens work it out. They have to build it, but they did leave instructions written in a symbolic language to say here's how you would construct something that would be able to play these things right now. They were there twelve inches in diameter, and they are designed to be played back at sixteen and two-thirds revolutions per minute. So actually fairly slowly i. mean you re thinking about the? The, Forty five or thirty three revolutions per minute for for your average albums, and this is a six hundred two thirds so. on these golden records are lots and lots of stuff actually. It's including things like greetings from five different languages, including some that aren't being used anymore did not been used in a very long time. which is a Sumerian language which was last used around four thousand. Selection of nature sounds Yup, so if you ever wanted to hear what frogs burping sounded like, and you are from some distant planet. Here's an opportunity to. Share. Your for Ford Prefect and you're on your way to Earth. This is a good way to do some homework before you get there. A lot of traditional music, some native American chance and Scottish Bagpipes talk about some of the music was on here. For African ritual music there's a bunch of classical music and so. I wrote down some of my favorites. This is this is obviously. There are lots and lots of musical tracks on the records. These are just the ones that I personally wrote down because I I they resonate with me, It's not to say that the other ones are not anti sense. Familiar with some of them but there's the Brandenburg Concerto number two F. actually it's just the first movement that's by a guy named Bob Batch. Johan batch wrote that. If I'd he's just some dude really. Yeah obviously Bach's Brandenburg Concerto number two enough Then there's a melancholy blues which was performed by Louis Armstrong Stravinsky's. The rite of spring was included Bach actually was pretty well represented on this record. He also had the well tempered clavier on there there was the first Moon Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. You know the There was another tribes chant, and then of course, the most important I think musical work that was included out of all the pieces were on there as we as we all know from the documentary back to the future I. Save Marnie MC fly. It'll save the human race. We're talking about chuck. Berry's Johnny B good. There's actually a book all about the process that they used to select which sounds went on the golden record. It finally came out with a CD companion at some point. I'm sure it's on digital. Yes, the book itself is out of print, but you can sometimes find copies is called murmurs from Earth so if you want to learn more about how they came about choosing, which sounds, go in there That's that's a really well done piece it's. It's something that I've heard nothing but good things about it. I personally have not had a chance to read it. by the time I learned about it. It was wearing print. But. There's also a bunch of images on the desks including a star map, clearly showing the location of earth. NEW SAYING Here's what humans tastes like maps of earth images. I'm just I'm just ignoring that entirely. There are people who have said what a huge mistake! It was to essentially include directions directly. I, I think it's pretty ridiculous because the odds one. Anyone finding voyager sweating. Big as it turns out really big no-no. Head, not you might think it's a long walk to the chemist on the corner, but that's just nuts compared to space. It's going to be tens of thousands of years before. Either Voyager craft encounter anything near another star. Yeah, exactly so really by the time I'm betting. We will have either kill ourselves off or hit. And plus on top of that. You know it would all depend on from what direction the other creatures were approaching. Earth because. There are a lot of different vectors. You could take, and only a couple of them would. Intersect with the pathway of either voyagers waste. Than most science fiction movies are willing to acknowledge, there's just ship space battle than just the single plane. so there was also an hour long recording the brainwaves of a woman named Ann Druyan, who would become crossings wife Yep. She's an author. She concentrates mainly on cosmology and science and she. She signed up for this. She volunteered to have her brainwaves recorded in Carl. Sagan talked about it, and she thought it was a really interesting idea, and so she went in for. The process where her brain. Heartbeat were were red, and then transferred to data analog that we have to say because it's an analog desk. And She says that what she did, was she? She thought about big historical moments that were very important in the development of human history, and then she spent some time. About the the current situation on earth how what that's like thing and not sugar coating at things like violence between people and the the. Yeah yeah, so she really spent some time thinking about things that she felt needed to be addressed. And then she said that she took the liberty toward the end of the session to take a little bit of time and think about what it's like to fall in love, which I think is amazing, wonderful sweet! Yeah, so now we those aliens can't tell us. They don't know how to love because she thought about it for for a while. Darn, it so yeah. Those radio signals do take a long time to get to US so but. And and the record that's on there. If you want to hear some of the stuff there are, there are a lot of different sites out there that that keep all the things that. Tells you? What's there and most of that's pretty easy to get access to and listened to. Find one in Lincoln up on social. Yeah, we'll see if we can find something in the know. Maybe I'll see if I can make it a spotify playlist or something. I'll get a Ukulele and play Johnny be good on the Ukulele. Johnny please stop. That would be the name of that song all right so. Anyway that's that's kind of the the the wrap up of the spacecraft in the stuff that was aborted, but we still haven't talked about the actual science return, so we're going to do that in just a moment, but.

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