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News radio 700 w ell delegate Cincinnati The president calls off talks with Nancy Pelosi This is the 5 30 report. I'm Matt Reese. Breaking now. No more stimulus checks before the end of the year. It appears talks over a new economic stimulus package are closed down tonight on the president's order. President says no more negotiations with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi until after the election, says the economy is doing very well and is suggesting that the top concern right now it's confirming Judge Amy Cockney Barrett to the U. S. Supreme Court before The election on November 3rd Wall Street tanked and reaction more on that, In a moment, President is back on the job of the White House no longer having any symptoms of covert 19. The nation's top military leaders are isolating tonight because of the Corona virus. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Millie, and a number of the nation's most senior generals and admirals are quarantining at home after they were exposed to covert 19 by the vice commandant of the Coast Guard. Admiral Charles Ray had participated in a meeting with some members of the joint Chiefs at the Pentagon and subsequently tested positive. He had been at a White House event last Sunday. The Pentagon said the decision to quarantine was made out of an abundance of caution. BBC's Aaron Carter ski word tonight that 1/4 member of the White House press office, has tested positive. For covert 19. Now the latest traffic and weather together from the UC health traffic Center. You see, health would like to remind you of the importance of annual flu shots. Have you received yours? Working together? We build a healthier community. Still major problems on the highway with big time backups. One an injury accident involving a motorcycle westbound to 75 past Hamilton Cleaves, You're right. Two lanes are blocked and now traffic backed up beyond Blue Rock. Westbound 74 backed up there to south of the rival and Harrison exit. There's also an accident, blocking the right two lanes in Kentucky on eastbound to 74 before the double A. That's got traffic backed up almost 2 75, now an accident eastbound 74 near Cold Rain and Beekman, a vehicle struck a poll on Harrison at East Miami River Road. And police activity continues to have Westwood Avenue closed between Quebec and Grand Avenue. I'm Rob Williams news radio 700 WLW, now the latest forecast from a train heating and cooling Weather Center on news radio 700 wlw. Tonight. It's clear and we'll see. Evening temps in the sixties in overnight low of 53 for Wednesday, Sunshine Mild summer like my high 78 at night fare and down to 51 from your severe Weather Station, a nine first warning chief meteorologist Steve Raleigh News Radio 700 WLW. Radar's clear. 67 degrees are temperature in Cincinnati police and cold rain township looking for the person who shot and killed a 29 year old man last night on Royal Heights. Drive off Galbreath in gross back her gunshots. He was on patrol. I was able to respond within about a minute of the shooting and you've got the victim. Wait a street called rain. Township Police Chief Mark Danny. The victim.

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