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Discussion with Debbie Dingell representative from southeast Michigan here about the stop hate ordered rally that they're going to have to bird university Michigan Dearborn campus what is your take on this I think we can all agree that the if you're in it if you're of the ever been a member of the of of a group that's confronted this it is something that we need to be wary of it needs to be something that we all condemn but the problem is is so often the part and parcel of that is it's being used not just to condemn hate but to you to condemn a political ideology that they don't agree with the label of racist the label of white supremacists the label of anti five whether or not the error identify with that or not so do you think this can be a helpful exercise or will it just did generate into perhaps a hate trump rally or us either it will be interesting to see how measured the the speech is there we've got some callers calling it one eight hundred eight five nine zero nine five seven one eight hundred eight five nine zero W. J. R. we invite you to join in on the conversation after we talked with Debbie let's go to Jim in new Baltimore Jim good afternoon to you your first up Hey guys thanks for taking my call Sir you know in the told your screener I think this is going to be just a complete waste time and it'll turn into a finger pointing hate trump blame the Republicans this is just my opinion because in all honesty I think that ninety percent of all this stuff that they're talking about is created by the left you know first of all you know all the political correctness stuff and all the labeling of persons and personalities and were you can't spare cancer because now they're hateful or every term like you spoke of earlier and you know just the whole general spring I believe that the thing the race is going to do with the president as a false narrative I think it was created by the last year you know what to do whatever you want to do with it based off of a couple comments he said that they twisted around and use to their advantage and I just think it is I mean I I heard an interview the other night with okay Joe Cortez where she flat out said that people vote for trump and generally white males are racist and they just don't realize I mean it goes back to the basket of deplorable doesn't it I mean it but not exactly but again you didn't you but if we can also see this on both sides listen I think the president uses rhetoric that is unnecessarily harsh he seems to throw grenades when a when a a simple slap will do okay I don't and and so I did this and that's why I think that both Debbie and I say we need to be more mindful the problem is is that it's so often done in the name of political expedience because you try to get attention you're trying to get air time on CNN or on fox and three you throw the biggest verbal bomb you can to get attention that's gotta stop in in your own right yeah most of it is coming from the left great crew that there's some things that come from you know if you watch fox news you'll hear some things but it's not no where near as abrasive and directives because if it was I mean you're all over the place I mean if if gravel is if if someone on the left the person in the media so something that you could consider racist or you know harmful it's glossed over if someone on the right make that thing that all my god is in the world you know that's the problem will accept Honda with your folks in both sides now playing watch dog on that in that you know there should be some and you know it but I I I I agree that I think in the past they with there was more mobilization of that but I I do hope that when Rasheeda to leave if she steps to the Mike tomorrow she's gonna be standing in front of the anti defamation league the Jewish community relations council this is a very diverse group with very very different interests and they're all coming together in the name of it I think those that are participating are very significant here and I hope that in honor of their participation the politicians on the dais will dial back their rhetoric to the least I hope so.

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