Reporter, Scott Feinberg, Hollywood discussed on Awards Chatter - Robert Pattinson - 'Good Time'


Now pat pat i ever wanted thank you for tuning in to episode 162 of awards cheddar the hollywood reporter's awards podcast on the host scott feinberg and my guest today has been one of the biggest movie stars in hollywood for the past decade a dashing young men who became world famous for playing the vampire edward colon in all five installments of the twilight franchise and now is generating widespread acclaim for his acting shops as well thanks to his careerbest performance in the crime thriller good time which opens on august 11th robert pattinson the thirty one year old brit started appearing in films in his teens with an early break being supporting part in two instalments of the harry potter franchise shortly thereafter when he wound up being cast by catherine hardwick opposite christian stewart in the first twilight which came out in two thousand eight his life changed in a major way pattinson was catapulted onto hollywood's ehlass which came with fame and fortune but also loss of privacy and certain preconceptions about what he wanted or was capable of doing as an actor in between the twilight films the last of which was released in late two thousand twelve pattinson also acted in others including two thousand tens remember me two thousand eleven water for elephants and two thousand twelve's bell a me but it was the first thing that he did after the twilight chapter of his life came to an end that made people really sit up and begin regarding him as more than just another pretty face namely playing the lead in david cronenburg's cosmogonies also released in two thousand twelve followed in two thousand fourteen by key parts in two films that premiered at the cannes film festival cronenburg's map to the stars and david miss showed the rover.

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