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Thank you use of injury all of the third reich through streets in future that's me that people will increase from seven through the sudi bench so that it's the income of seven got a girl but what's happening gardno ensued he bags which will check should've kicking this throat over the cyber actually is the highest so five years two days in one of the reasons this has been took him this is looking for higher for longer period and the second the reason is that a serb even interest income the reserve at seven has been increased but which he'll bags would sink 75 percent he was to be 65 percent operating income coming from financing it used to be 65 knows 75 annulled the product of known financing income to banks are actually is a shrinking but overall with global overprovision an increasing level of income inc from financing we believe that is going to be from stable to it you're saying us eels are going to continue to hold up jumper that bloomberg we'd be key code being a g eight two seven two just in terms of where the valuations are for saudi banks you compare that on the pa racial basis to the msci emerging market index you can see it's much more expensive quite a bit what's your take on evaluation of saudi banks is that too late to get in at this point we'll achieve who take it than average you're going to see th choir tying 14 but few look to the beach the saudi bank price book value but few look on the other side through additional banks it's almost one of some of them list that one of the other side the higher the higher a p v banks and saudi arabia have higher liquidity in the market so actually does action liberal evaluation but we've believed that is some choose the to the future of the growth of opening gonna the jews be of some banks all right nathan stay rain prayers about ran and hold onto that thought iran and geopolitics and pick up on this a little bit after the break out stay with us ms announced that area head of research at al araj and capital he stays with us this is bloomberg coming up into the great unwind chart the course for investors as the fed prepares for the end of an era.

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