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Now before becoming an agent you had a career in legal consulting and commerce so tell us a little bit about that and how you ended up in the real estate industry to begin with i studied in new zealand. I studied law in zeeland and i was a bit tired of the fishbowl existence in new zealand. Even though i love the vice my best friends of their. I decided to come to charlie ed. I was working on a project in the government in lowell where implementing new policies strategies around environmental planning. It's over exciting stuff. Sam list very interested in about that stuff. But i sort of fell into technology illegal consulting in tim's automated decisions and sort of went onto a path of consulting for different companies Fox a got to a stage. I was traveling five days a week. I was in distinct. And when i had my first child i said look i. Something's gotta give always selling a few times. And i really like the look of real estate and look rid easier to tom. Wright foss caused lawsuits lodge is but i said look. Let's let's give this guy. 'cause he ages that i doubt would i didn't have a very good experience with so it looks simple but once i got into it like this looks very very difficult. It's not as easy as it looks from the outside Because i was taking a break. From what i was doing and i gave myself three months and Seven years in. I have left since amazing. And so what lessons. Have you carried over from your previous career into real estate about relationships. I think that's what sets us apart from. Anyone else in business. I was in contracting model so i was looking. For the time. I was in divert. Three months project woman projects relationship-building. What what sort of islet in my previous role and it's always about giving something back to people and the more people you know the more networks you krige the business you're gonna get the more you're going to learn about what to do an industry so they relationship side is something that i it's it's out of my previous work

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