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In a standoff continues at a veteran's home in northern california a short while ago highway patrol sergeant robert natghi told reporters there's been no communication with the gunman said to be holding three people hostage there's has not been any confirmed communication with the gunman thin throughout 1030 this morning same same situation officials say the hostages worked for a pathway home of privatelyrun program the treats veterans of the iraq and afghanistan war with post traumatic stress disorder florida governor rick scott signs of bill the raise the minimum wage to buy a rifle to 21 extends the threeday waiting period for handgun purchases to include rifles and bans bump stocks scott tells the families of seventeen people killed in the parkland high school shooting state of florida will forever on incredible impact your loved ones that had in our state they will never be forgotten right after the bill was signed the nra filed suit challenging the new minimum age i've tim mcguire the national hockey league rules out the red carpet for the new witting his general manager in league history in a pregame ceremony national predators gm david poile says so many people have helped them reach his march to win in this game everybody has to be on the same page the players the coaches the hockey ops everybody in our organization has to be going in the same direction i'm really proud that i mean honors for this recognition but it really is a team award boils predators made it to the stanley cup finals last season for the first time the teen's history and he says he's grateful to be part of the branch also on behalf of every coach that has worked for me every clerides's played for me the office the scouse assistant manager hov everybody is unbelievable rai nhl commissioner gary bettman noted it's an impressive accomplishment on its own but the poile did it working for just two teams in it profession with a high rate a turnover the fact that you've done it with only two teams and you've only five coaches is it test junior stability your professionalism your consistency your patience and your.

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