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Pay him out. If you lost on any other game would. They paid them out anything. If it wasn't monday night and it wasn't made a thing by the internet you know know absolutely not so good job. Fifteen or sixteen is awesome. You bet the lines to beat the packers and lambeau you also your job to fucking hedge like every other pick was like mostly favorites few like sprinkled underdogs plus money but was this was strictly or strictly a pr. Move four mgm. Smart ago. because it. But i think they. I almost think they had to like their feet to the fire. Talk that no way i agree. Yeah i get that. But their feet were to the fire. By who though like. I just don't really understand why bet i'm. Jim would do that like it's dumb. I think it's really dumb business move. You're not it just sets a precedent for bullshit. Like that's i think that's bullshit so it just sets a precedent for doing. Yes it's good publicity. That's the only reason they're doing. Yes that's right so that's it. That's what i'm saying if it was anything other than the monday night games and this was screen shotted that this guy lost his parlay. He would get nothing right. This is all about. Eve sailed up from the internet and i love it good on him. Though fifty six fifty. I sixteen very very very good. You know but it was also on youtube heads. You had twenty four hours to hedge told them before this guy doesn't deserve the fucking money strictly for not hedging. If he didn't or do you think they read so before. Maybe what if this guy did had and got the money then. He's a genius. Winter another book hedge their right about tony would do. I mean that's extremely respectable as game you want. Ufc or baseball got to uci to baseball. Let's go ufc and then the last one. It'd be baseball and we can roll into alex from iowa. Got so boys hammered down all right. I got Too late parley here for you I know you don't like big favorites but it's like the nfl slate this week. That's how it is so. I'm rob despise really can't pronounce it. Nobody can in euros medic the to lake partly plus one fifty four and then a couple of props for shevchenko round. Two is plus five hundred and brian ortega by submission. Plus six fifty. And if you wanna be wild. Up to lake repulse. Forty four hundred. Okay thank you out. I got no doing it to like for plus one fifty. Yeah nothing wrong so no problem with that. That's good curtis from vegas. What are you got man of. They don't get a phone call. I got winning anybody savings on gone by over cause unkown in white ear. Don't leave a fight in the judges. Chances don't know those idiots going to score hell always on with over. It's going to go gonna be fired and nine and it's going to go. The distance overs atomised went thirty four and a half current hounds. Curtis you live in. Vegas is her. How do you knock the casino every.

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