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Again. Good to hear, we've been seeing a lot of CACTI on on this trip. A lot of time out here on the West yesterday. Really Cool. Do they really like the ones in the cartoons where they got like three? All! This ours are called suggest. Especially where we're in the part of the country that Rick is Ucla down there. We did a lot of the ones you make Tequila out of. That's. That's the garbage different set one, but like it's like And it's it's not like a cactus property. It's a it's a lot. The doesn't her. It's a lot shorter. Like most. Broadly but yeah, but it's, but it's not your not your typical ciguatera now, not the another cartoony. Okay thanks for that. Yeah, you'll have to come out here some time neck. We'll do a road trip and we'll show you all the. Other CACTI. Absolutely. Yeah, drawn drinks Takeda that it'd be no yeah. You have to forget the CACTI. Tequila, favorite Karaoke Song. Knicks since we're talking Tequila and There go, what's what's been happening with you besides drinking mass quantities of alcohol? Well that is actually. I'm tried to find a couple of days in the week. Ray date have to drink, but. Don't get. Yeah. My my life gets boring by five o'clock afternoon. So you know I drink a to helps. A now a major into my life is washing the cost. So what can I say I'm actually thinking hoping the to build a get together with a PIP, and I'll both are in the chat room next week. So if that comes off chaps, really looking forward to that but otherwise you're not just doing normal to me stuff. bit of photography being in touch with end chatting away his photography channel I'm twitter and put love that guy. He's great. Give me some advice about so the Buchanan Cameron thinking of getting. and. My boss and still the competition. Some been dumped out yet so. It's Kinda good life for me. Is very relaxing? Thank you. You'll enjoy it. Jeff wouldn't. Well I do now. Yes you're talking about playing with my balls. Family Show, Ladies and gentlemen. Family show. I'm sorry. Are you Nev- as well nick? I don't. Get into the INS and outs. Waiting to see what happens excellent, but we'll have to give us a full report on that well as much as you can for our on. G. G maybe our. Are Light. Nevin his phenomena they get. Oh Wow. Well my visit escalating quickly. Step up yeah. They charge. Gone. It's good. I can bring this right back to very boring level of discussion. Since last time we chatted I have done well. What a work and then a lot of nothing! I had a nice weekend of doing nothing for the first time in. A while so caught up on some sleep It was just as birthday, so we had a very nice dinner out in Charlotte. Spent a lot of time on the lake was a nice sunny hot weekend. As happens in July in the Carolinas, the water temperature has reached back, bathtub status. Nice lukewarm eighty. Eight degree water temperature eighty five water temperature. Yeah! Then just worked on my yeah, my son a little bit, so it's been directing scary hair. My vitamin D levels. I should say got to prevent a rick. It's nothing to do this. All about medicine Appel. That's right. That's right. So. Yeah, I mean we're still been busy. today was not terribly busy gloves. Able to get here reasonably on time enjoying you guys. Great were. We're glad that you did. And so now it's our turn Stephen. What. Have you been doing recently I? Not The doesn't. Sitting to sit and we have been doing a lot of sitting five said that we've been moving at a car in a car. I don't know if you guys have been following us on our little road trip. episodic audio adventures -solutely very entertaining. Thank you for that. Yeah, so unfortunately, it didn't put out day eight and nine because we. Put Out. It seems to be this reoccurring fame. We start watching this show on. We just we quickly child later. Let's just do it later. By the way, the a really entertaining show on Amazon prime called catastrophe I don't know if any of you out there have have have seen it. It's not something you want to watch the. Show? Yes, not a family. Ns W not. NSF. That's suitable for work. Or family. Young ones, but it's really the writing and dialogue as this amazingly gut. It really is funny anyway. So Yeah, we look. We were the last show we did was early on in our trip. I was in Durango Colorado. We ride the train and everything either the next day. Drove. Through Utah went. Through Zion and then ended up in a hurricane Utah spent the night there we forgot about. Moab yeah we went. Canyon lies gnashing it Yeah Durango everyone over did go APP. At Arches drove through. There can live. The Canyon lands saw everything their. Data Motor. Is She your travel agent. I'd get a new one night. Well, I mean on paper he's Great. For now I now he's he's. He's fantastic, actually he. He! Actually coordinated almost everything on this trip and. Everything went, but yeah so did that, and then we got the next day drove through Utah ended up in hurricane after went through I on which that was. Just, flows Steven Steven. Andress yet, he recommended with alternate route to go through there so. Went through. There's really good advice. Yeah, it was. Really Nice going through their stayed in hurricane, and then drove down to the Grand Canyon, and we skipped the North Rim just based on time, and I'm Kinda. Glad we did because it. It took a long time to go around the back side because the east rim interest was closed because of covid. The Navajo Reservation people coming in and out so all the way on the flagstaff to go back up to the south. Room We went through there. A couple of different viewpoints looked at the Grand Canyon. State inside of the Grand, Canyon village that night. And then the next day would just drove over to. Was the name of the town which stated up power. Nevada, Haram yet we stopped in Vegas got much, but the main part of that was the try and see Hoover Dam which is closed, even though the little thing says you can get to the viewpoint. But yet to go across the dam to get to the viewpoint and the dams closed, so didn't work. It didn't work out. So, that was kind of just a day of driving then yesterday we got up and drove into death valley which. Is a whole lot of nothing really but we went down to the we went to the highest point in Death Valley and got attacked by Bees got. It was paying attention because there's a sign on the drive up, that said be hazard. Okay you know that that bigger deal and I'd I'd never seen bees. This aggressive light we got out of the car was trying to take. Patients just came out of nowhere started flying around they they like climbed up on the car is. Pretty crazy. It's like that movie burs separate. Was B.'s yes yeah, yeah, so we didn't stay long at that point, and then. Went down the mountains where we're at at it went along this Dirt Road through the Canyon which is actually where.

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