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Too low thirties you know think that's what he was being drafted as he's now four for forty eight inning oh eighty three with that first homer is back to old punishable face logan morrison or or is he going to is he going to have a run i mean i think he's going to have a run he's not gonna hit under one hundred and what about the power i think i i think power is going to be there i think i just i think the average is going to be just atrocious and we're talking about like maybe worse than this last two years maybe more like to twenty six so chris carter up hand chris carter he i mean he's he's swinging outside his own more swing strike rates up it's not going to be a pretty profile but i think he's a guy who will still hit another twenty five home runs and in probably more as long as the twins don't start sitting them the question becomes how long will the twins put up with us they've got other they've got other you know black holes offensively included you know specially byron buxton right now in that lineup can they afford to keep running out there so i think the power's gonna come back is this guy bilo on no i don't i don't think i would it's it's interesting you say that about bucks because with him out they can almost afford it more because then everyone but jason castro and logan morrison is is average or well well above even ryan lemaire the replacement right now for byron buxton's hitting out of his shoes so if you look up and down the lineup on on baseball reference of the regulars you just see castro in lome but at buxton there then you got three dead weights and you're right.

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