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That's music from pianist. Mike longo it's from his latest release and back. The title track is composition. Called only time will tell and featured paul west on the base lewis. Nash on drums. We started out to say it with music from the heads of state and it's from their latest recording on smoke sessions records. Call four in one at gary bartz. On the alto. Sax larry willis on piano david williams on bass and al foster on the drums and we heard them performing tune. Written by larry willis called the day. You said goodbye. Of course you've been listening to return to the source here on your public radio station gonna play one more before we get out of here. It's from the new recording by alto saxophonist bobby watson. And it's on smoke. Sessions records called made in america and it features stephen scott on piano. Curtis lundy on bass and lewis nash on the drums and it features compositions by bobby watson and other members of the band that examined the often overlooked pioneering accomplishments of african americans in this case This is going to be a composition. Written by bobby watson called the real lone ranger and it's a tune that he wrote for bass reeves us marshal in the american west. Who will start to be the inspiration for the famed mask. Man the lone ranger. Here's bobby watson with his composition. The real lone ranger on return to the source..

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