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A few days later at the memorial services for the three victims jennifer pettitte in her daughters haleema kayla over four thousand people were present people came in from several states away all three were buried in white casket spur bills requests and somehow bill still nowhere near having recovered from the physical attack he had been subjected to somehow bill he had the strength to speak at that service now let's go back to monday july 23rd because right after the vehicle stolen by these two men jennifer's van had crashed into two police cars the police thankfully arrested those men right so now we have these two guys in custody the police arrested joshua karma said jeff ski he's he's younger than his partner in crime stephen hayes by about twenty years the two of them they shared the same set of issues both of these guys are career criminals they are in and out of trouble for most of their adult lives they both have problems with alcohol and drugs now both these guys up to this point were guilty of having committed pretty much just petty crimes you know uh breaking into cars stealing cars that was stephen hayes is thing within hours of the arrest stephen hayes was ready to confess intel the police just what went down the how in the uae now according to stephen hayes the two men he and joshua had met and a halfway house and became they became friends of sorts hayes would typically commit crimes to feed his alcohol and drug problems but he was a looking to quote unquote step up his game he wanted to start breaking into homes because he was under the impression that you will find more money and more valuables especially if you go and pick out a nice home and watch it for a while.

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