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Right i have there's more deums iook i actually have the original why it i thought that was out there too it might be uh so he so lebrun was because another element of this is that people were saying this girl's comparing lebron to an animal by calling him a bunk because the whole world is oversensitive um but she's a hunter she had just kill the massive block it was as lebrun slid into a d m so it was just like a wild the chain of events for her she just to kill the massive animal and like the biggest athlete superstar on the planet slides i've been your dmc it's that's a wild i'm almost positive the way it went is she kill the buck approach pasta risk tori she killed the buck so and let me just pay the picture so people understand if you go to her her instagram count little red heidi hood she is like a full blown hunter i'm talking kamel a mud on the face crossbows and guns like she is off hunter so she's out here than box and kill animals on the regular also just happens to be an absolute smoke so lebron is is all up in her shit so it's a very strange set of circumstances her and i would have a future in the hunting the hunting englewood killing buck somewhat nantes meanwhile she doesn't like lebron that much said i know that also that you guys would be love there i don't think you're down with people who kill animals no i don't like their animals o huge animal guy like the day that she kills like an innocent little dear something you'd be you'd be out you're a man of principle don't don't white gear man of honour and integrity schatz medi you would not be able to look past that even for that s she's a check put kill animals i feel like is one of deep dps like in a mantras like one of ten its own fuck with that i i asked what the other side of things is mutual hate for the broncos gary you along way and i i just envision you guys like sitting over like a romantic dinner being like digits say what he did on his instagram today some fresh balancing guy businesses and this is the dmk somebody who doesn't like hunting and somebody loves hunting get along i also.

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