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A small town cops Tilda Swinton as a Samurai funeral director because why not and a parade of Cameos. It's any good his a taste is planned to inform people about the Zombie danger before it gets I guess so because we passed farmer Miller's plays a little while ago. We need to inform inform him. Fuck farmer Miller okay my us together. How the fuck you kills me? Slow down a second clue. You gotTa Kill the head. Kill ahead decapitate. The only way to Jesus get prepared. That's unfortunately only shit. I got this. Mike lost meet. Our film chop. Wood is what does SHAMU FIT in. He sees I subside suspected director more admired than watched. Yes I mean he's here. He's very much and the people that love really love him. It's fair to say probably hasn't troubled the mainstream too much as possible to get your entire film life without seeing his films but has lost released only lovers left alive was absolutely beautiful and about vampires but Tilda swinton and at that thing that aims cool normally mrs by so many miles and actually felt ready coal if felt really really wanted to live through the night with them. Tell US sets up that don't die forest. Tell us what's happening on what he thought. It's as a cinematic achievement smalltown America we've got Bill Murray and Adam driver and clarisse avenues Cox which is in Dream Team is completely peopled by famous indiactors Steve Shemi IGGY pop turns up you can sort of fill then the rest of your favorite. The reser is the U._P._S. U._P._S.. which this Danny Glover's in their selena Gomez it's a hell of a cost say anywhere this Zombie outbreak as we've seen many times before and and the cops have to deal with as we've seen many times before and I've got to say I wasn't a massive fan fair like so it was going for cookie Kinda funny and it was going for a little bit of horror which before Shaun of the dead mice seems like an original combination but I was fifteen years ago and there was don't be land ten years ago and there was the entire flood of Oh? It's Olympic cookie accommodate this Gore all these terrible films that came out after Sean boy eats girl. That's a title island film a great title but not to members act so we've seen this film many many hundred so. I don't know what Jim was thinking..

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