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If you want to get the one if you want to build something bigger, there's no doubt in my mind that it's max Holloway. It's a great option out there max Holloway, really get you that many more paper views Connors the draw regardless. I think it would mean the max hallway for us like the hard core 's we recognize that as a bigger fight. Selling champion versus former champion still. I don't think Donald Cerrone has the credentials that that max Holloway does just plain simple. I it. It's not it's not a quick. So regardless of the hardcore, which I agree with that that they would wanna see max in their Donald Cerrone. He just doesn't have the juice that max Holloway. Does this though if the fight goes to the canvas I think Conor has a has a would be a little bit more trouble against Sony, then he would be against MAC. So while I don't think the max is is is dynamite on his feet and surly. A grappler thinks aronie would take a whole level certainly have seen Connor. You know, that's one of those things, but he needs to he needs to take on somebody like that who can who you know, when he did when he went to the ground with with with Nate, the as it didn't go as way, certainly when he actually I thought he did pretty well against Habib around for parts of that fight. But in the end all will remember him getting his neck cranked? So, you know, him to the ground against a real top grappling guy like Surani and not just not just doing persevering, and maybe even getting advantage. Maybe even bidding them down there. That'd be a feather in his cap true or false kinda mcgregor's next fight is against someone not named altering or max hallway. I'm gonna say true. I don't think either of them get well, we'll get to don't know some some. But the field taking the field dark horse contender. I just don't see. I don't see the either of those options as being the one that he jumps right back into how Jeff yes funny. I was I'm thinking about this. Because when we were doing. Digital side. We did a thing of, you know, bold predictions for two thousand nineteen I got a lot of heat for for mine, which was kind of he doesn't win a fight in the octagon in two thousand nineteen. And the reason I was reason I said that it was because I thought that that kinda would accept nothing other than the rematch with Habib at the time. It seemed like that was what he was. He was not going to go with anybody else. And I just thought if he went back in there with Habib he wouldn't he wouldn't win that fight or he was going to do another one of was circus things and fight somebody outside of MA. But now, I I kind of think that the Surani thing might might be the way to go. I mean I for him. I think he's I think that he's interested in it. I know that that Twitter is just Twitter and words are just words, but. I could see him. I could see him going there. So I'm going to. I'm not going to the field. I'm going to say it's going to be one of those two guys. And I think it's gonna Sironi. Yeah. I think Surani's atop the leaderboard right now. And I wouldn't be surprised if it happens in the summertime right now max may have gone a little too personal there. We'll see what happens. But I appreciate eventually. They're pass across. Point about those rematches. He's not been keen in the past on rematch. Ing someone who he has already defeated while we right? What he why would he want to go in there? Why would he ever wanted to go in with? Although again after bidding thirty seconds because that's the indelible remembrance that we will always have of that one punch knockout. How could he do better than that guys? We're at a time this has been fun. It's been a pleasure. Yes. Flown by welcome back near Greg. Thank you back to be seen wags brought the heat today. Yeah. Fired up fired. You had a little Jamison. Yes. I like this wish this is good..

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