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A vote that can float on the surface and also get survive. Being totally submerged is called. A fucking submarine I'm not I'm not wrong to call them submarines. Joseph was wrong to call them barges. Submarines they're definition definitely submarines like. Germany boats. They spent most of their time on the surface, and then with dive for Short, times, for attacker hiding, and all the air that was in it was in there when you pounded the cork back or close the actually actually watertight steel hatch was all you had. But even primitive German subs had propulsion they had steering the head, internal lighting, semi, modern food, and water storage, and away to if not pleasantly, but at least manage feces and urine Jared's brother had none of those well one. Remember when the guy who is related to jared by birth, but wasn't deemed important enough to have a name. Ask Jesus about lighting one funniest side before I get to what happened. He asked what what should they do for windows? Saying for behold ye cannot have windows for they will be dashed in pieces. Fair Point Smart Sibling of useless minor character who has a name? It seems here. He's referring to the futility of plate glass windows in submarines. In which case he is, both correct and a time traveler right since the first evidence of plate glass used in. Building window openings is from Rome and Alexandria twenty three. Hundred Years after this story allegedly took place. Yeah? There were no plate glass windows. But how is Joseph to know such trivia and time to hit print on his totally true third testament of the totally true Bible. But again. Jesus didn't come up with the work around for the light issue, brother of jared did when he quote, Molten some glass marbles of a mountain, and ask Jesus to touch them, and make them glow, which he obligingly did in the process of which jared's brother son Jesus, is finger, and apparently came in his pants doesn't matter. This is a submarine story. You can read all the other bits if you want. But seriously, why would you? So the boats had no oars sales. Even though Joseph Smith knew these were ancient forms of seafarers seafaring, see the story of Neef written earlier, but happening later in the same train wreck of a book. These barges would just driftwood the whole length of the Mediterranean through the Straits, of Gibraltar And across the violent Atlantic to Central America. Has I said they had no keillor runner. So. They were not only totally unstoppable. They would just roll around in tight. Capsizing an UN- capsizing at random. Thus the hole in the bottom of the of the tight like dish boats, so they could open that for an occasional breath wentz. They were upside down. It's basically like you're on the spin cycle for the entire time that you're. You're floating. Now you said I. Do have to call you on something. You said there was no. There was no way to handle feces and urine. But what do you? How do you think you use that whole? It's just for air. Well we'll get to it so. I don't know everything about both you guys but. I have I have seen more than both Joseph Smith and Jesus. An airless. Drifting aimlessly in the Atlantic Rolling over like a fucking rock tumbler at random full of people, farm animals, mounds of feed and Poo and giant earthenware jugs and jars of freshwater in liquid is insane. Imagine the pup-. Putrid Carcass Death Uis that would trickle out of these unsurvivable murder barrels when they finally hit a reef somewhere. So explode. It would explode. So so many problems here..

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