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I'm Sarah McCammon. Good morning. What will normal look like in 2021 will ask a science writer who predicted a pandemic. Just like this. One. Health care workers are being vaccinated. But for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, there's an extra layer of uncertainty. One physician talks about her decision worrying about my family worrying about my own health that really took a toll. One thing I know for sure is that my son needs me. He needs me to be around and a gay men's chorus takes a tour of the Deep South. It's the last Sunday of 2020 December 27th. The news is coming up next. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Amy held President Trump is refusing to sign into law $2.3 trillion spending package as NPR's Giles Snyder reports. The bill includes an extension of pandemic unemployment benefits that expired this weekend. President Trump renewed his demand this weekend that the one time stimulus checks to be sent to most Americans be increased to $2000. On Twitter. He called the current $600 direct payment measly we'll also pushing his unfounded claims about election fraud. The $900 billion plus coronavirus aid bill that Trump's Treasury secretary helped negotiate is attached to a larger government spending package. Congress passed the measure last week after months of deadlock. The president now says it does not go far enough. And if he continues to refuse to sign the bill, those extra jobless benefits were some 14 million Americans hang in the balance. The government could partially shut down tomorrow night and a federal moratorium on evictions within later this week. Royal Snyder NPR News investigators in Nashville have collected evidence from an area home following a Christmas Day explosion. Officials have said they're looking at numerous individuals who may be connected to the case. And while they say no active threat remains phone and Internet service is disrupted in three states Tony Gonzalez of member station W PLN. Reports blast damage to a transmission facility has forced a TNT to drill holes into the building to try to reconnect power and get generators running. There was also a fire that reignited the company says it has propped up numerous portable cell sites across the region with more on the way Outages have hampered communication for residents and first responders in Tennessee, northern Alabama and Kentucky. The city Lexington there got its mobile service back on Saturday. Nationals. Fire chief, though, says that getting everything back online could take a day or two more for NPR news. I'm Tony Gonzalez in Nashville, Japan, will temporarily close its borders to non resident foreign nationals in an effort to keep out a new strain of the Corona virus. But NPR's Anthony Kuhn reports from Seoul that several cases have already been confirmed in Japan. The measures will go into effect Monday. In last until the end of January. Japanese citizens and resident foreign nationals coming from countries where the new strain has been found, will be required to show negative results from a test within the past 72 hours and then be tested again on arrival. All of the cases of the new strain found in Japan appear to have been imported from the U. K. Except for one who's a family member. The new strain, first discovered in Britain has spread to several countries and territories in the Asia Pacific region, including Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. Japan's case numbers remain low by international standards but have been surging rapidly since last month. Anthony Kuhn NPR NEWS Seoul, The U. S has yet to report any cases of the new strain. You're listening to NPR news. A man is in custody following a fatal shooting at a Rockford, Illinois bowling alley last night. Three people are dead and three wounded after the gunman opened fire. Among the victims are at least two teenagers. Police say there is no longer a threat to the community. An author who wrote about his travels. Too many remote locations has died. Very Lopez was 75, the National Book Award winner wrote about the natural environment and its protection. Lopez was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2013. NPR's Dave Blanchard has this remembrance, Lopez began to explore the natural world during his childhood, rambling through pastures and farmland in California. He won the 1986 National Book Award for his nonfiction work. Arctic Dreams For Lopez, writing was about paying close attention or writer is not really Wise person necessarily. They just understand how to make a pattern that makes other people feel. In closer touch with what you might call the Holy That's in them. Lopez wrote often about the climate crisis months before he died. Wildfires, spurred by unusually dry conditions, burned much of the Oregon property where he lived for 50 years and forced him from his home. Dave Blanchard. NPR News At least 10 Mountain climbers died in an avalanche in Iran, according to state media. Multiple climbers went missing on Friday after a blizzard triggered avalanches in the mountains north of Tehran. Several climbers remain unaccounted for. Officials say Rescuers had to halt their search overnight before they were able to resume today. I may be held in Washington and you're listening to NPR news. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include American Jewish World Service, supporting human rights advocates worldwide as they respond to covert 19 and defend democracies learn more at a J. W.

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