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Trump called for inspired by the one he, watched in person while visiting France but the. One here may not be as elaborates securing America the, new defense, authorization Bill passed by congress prohibits the use of operational units or quit, if the secretary of defense, believes, that will, hamper readiness, it says if any. Operational units are used and secretary Mattis has, to certify. That it will not affect readiness Republican, congressman MAC Thornberry chairs the Armed Services Committee the city council has expressed concerns about tanks, damaging roads the US, northern command says this time there are no plans to use tanks in the parade set for November tenth in Washington Rachel Sutherland Fox News twenty one states have filed lawsuits against the Trump. Administration trying to stop what could happen tomorrow when people can go online and get access to accompanies blueprints on how to make a plastic Gun using a three d. printer the suit was announced in Seattle by Washington state attorney general Bob. Ferguson he wants to block a Texas, companies internet release of the blueprint for the weapon Ferguson called. It irresponsible for the administration to grant access, to virtually untraceable guns and he fell in. Domestic abuser or terrorists with the laptop and access to, a three, d. printer let me be clear no background check no waiting period no, serial number the government now, says, rules against, exporting weapons, of war don't apply. To the Texas companies guns Ferguson called the, decision disastrous. For public safety Grenell Scott Fox News, Federal Reserve policy makers will assess the economy today and tomorrow but this time around the, fed is not expected, to raise interest rates on Wall Street stock futures if you prefer to get your news the old fashioned way credit around.

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