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The bucolic countryside idle or okay Sala I'm sure Japanese chap staff you live Daryl G. Juliet yeah you got a point here in this country I found somebody to you this movie was but it was based on the life of NFL player Michael oher what is the can catch inside your blinds the lines are symbolic won an Oscar for it two days later found out that her is Jesse and James it's been doing it a bombshell McGee and they'd adapted a child like two weeks prior yeah here we go there we go we're just filling in the gaps of the line that's quite alright this name appeared on the fake ID in super bad it was a big Dick no what is our mission we have a half dozen it's something Matt Glover yeah he what what are you no words make the love love in with it that's what he put on his fake ID how close not get wiped out six yeah one more to go to do one more you for each year we go to thousands of movies in the terminal sunshine of the spotless mind she played Jim Carey's lawyer okay one sec case there six to one yep that would be seven no it was all thanks.

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