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This is the news in brief of from the united nations. Ongoing uncertainty about the situation in afghanistan has left people in a dire position with basic services collapsing. un humanitarian wound on tuesday head of a major fundraising conference for the country in geneva on the thirteenth of september the food and agriculture organization warned that one in three afghans is acutely food insecure. Echoing that message. The un humanitarian coordination office archer warned that basic services in afghanistan a- collapsing and food and other lifesaving aid is about to run out action to help ordinary. Afghans must be taken now ahead of the fast approaching. Winter wheat season said fao director of the office of emergencies and resilience rain polls in for the end of september. We need to make sure that's planting. Starting there's a. There's a very short window of time to be able to address that at the seeds conway the famous conway. We need to do everything we can to ensure that those vulnerable households are supported according t the fao. Afghanistan faces a twenty five percent deficit on the national wheat crop. This year to ethiopia now where conflict in the north has spilled beyond tigray raising fresh concerns among humanitarian at forty. Little aid is reaching those who need it desperately in a fresh warning on tuesday. The world food program announced that it started to deliver emergency relief food assistance to foreign amara regions. That border tigray. Un agency plans to reach five hundred thirty thousand people in a far and two hundred and fifty thousand in amara but a total of six point. Nine million people need help said spokesperson thompson theory. This is a crisis that needs hundred trucks payday. Hundred trucks daily. Always been able to do in. Almost three months is three hundred and thirty five delivering. More help is dependent on greater access and funding the w. f. spokesperson said adding that four hundred and twenty. Six million dollars is needed. For twelve million people across ethiopia for the rest of year. Two in three refugee children might never have the chance at secondary education. The un refugee agency warned on tuesday before urging action to confront critically low levels of school and university enrollment among displaced youngsters recent progresses under owing to the curve in nineteen crisis said unhcr chief filippo grandi who described the challenges their task we can afford to shirk citing education data from forty countries. Unhcr said that only one in three refugee children enrolled in secondary school in the one thousand nine thousand nine to twenty twenty academic year. That's less than half the rate at primary school level and this crisis is caused by the intense precious. That refugee teenagers can face to drop out of school and support their families. The corona virus pandemic has made matters worse. Unhcr said causing refugee learners to lose an average of one hundred and forty two days of lessons up to march this year linked to classroom closures. The good news is that higher education enrollment is now at five percents two percent increase. Katie dartford un news..

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