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I can't even feel Abbasi feel felt my left foot in three weeks. I don't even know if you tell me about Alice's all the Colin he's going I look. I am tired of this. Joe Might become back. My internal organs. I think we just did the whole show. Those the only thing that was pretty much. I'm GonNa tell you we're we're coming up on six years this podcast and that might be the height for me like that. Was the high point me impersonating your liver. Yep what did I say his name was. So maybe Larry Larry the living I probably not. I can't remember Carl Co two minutes ago. Forgot Liberty it happens does happen. Yeah you know what my liberal be doing. Livers Lily White. Well he's underneath them of hundred pounds of fat called the Ottoman. You call it Phantom Billy right here fat. You didn't buy a full blown. Chuck rose to just Komo News for you baby fan. It's permanent lowered. If thank you do episode just of all my fat molecules applying. That's the twenty four hour a day channel. The twenty four hour news like this is the my. My fat is multiplying appliance. That fast they call it dollar general one popping up everywhere all right hey hey wrestling comedy stock vice. It's everything from the double drop kick show so happy twenty twenty two everybody lots more to come. This is the double drop kick show at the show. I'm he mark Whitman. And that's this week's twins. He's so long for now and..

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