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By Saturday night's hosted right here in Willie seats on seven hundred WLW well even even as things of a life is slowing down life is certainly certainly changed and you know we were all aware of the criticism that's going on with trump in the back and forth between the Democrats and trump on the national level but for the most part in this Steve Chabot I had him on early in the first hour said you know Republicans and Democrats are are getting along and and certainly in my lifetime of forty four years old there's only been the most certainly that I can remember the only handful of other times when Republicans and Democrats have gotten along in this manner and certainly after nine eleven people come together and they put the partisanship aside and work to help our country heal from that's and and now you're seeing that as well but I'm in the middle of a primary is we is we're having primary election still all across the country and certainly they're still primary here in Ohio there's extended only to vote by mail only primary that is now ends on April twenty eighth and even in the middle of a pandemic even in the middle of a crisis in a national crisis even my eyes were all staying home it's business as usual for pull politics and what I like to call the wild wild west you know what my next guest likes to call the hillbilly house of cards and I'm talking about the Clermont county Republican Party and I'm pleased to welcome back to my show you're on W. O. W. clear my county resident and citizen watchdog Chris Hicks Chris how you doing under a fantastic situation near sheltered in place so keep it six feet away from people as many people prefer me to keep six feet away from home so it worked out pretty good thank you to six feet away from your wife now yeah we're we're so we're still allowed to be within six feet of each other awesome I thought as well I'm enjoying staying six feet away from my wife and our Chris you you call me up this week and you know I'm it's been it's been a little bit of a nice kind of coup by ya moment in from the political standpoint for someone like myself who covers local politics and when I see my phone ring from you I'm like oh boy here it comes and sure enough it is business as usual for the Clermont county GOP and what can you just share with with the listeners what the latest which I say shenanigans is from that party well the reason I gave you a call was specifically that our party chair named Greg Simpson filed a police report with the share on April seventh around mail fraud going on involving members of the choir Montana Republican Party so that was the that's the specific event but your listeners if you don't live in Cameron county you don't know how Clermont county politics works very much I'm very conservative I'm not a Republican nominee Dave executive on the committee on the Republican committee in Clermont county but I'm a reformer and I want to clean up our county and those who aren't from Clermont county of your listeners might not understand how it works we're very dominated by Republicans in in and my wife would remember the movie total recall yes back in the day my wife was watching last night there's a line in there that says I don't give you enough information to thank Dan and and most of the matter of the Republican Party in Clermont county the what happened to it so dominant that when you go to vote on election day a faithful member of the party puts a little piece of paper in your hand and it tells you how to vote and a lot of times you walk in and you think this is great I have this piece of paper doesn't tell me then you realized doesn't tell me anything about the candidates and then it turns out when you look at your primary ballot there's only one person in the slot for every office in the primary only one person and that's the history and tradition of Klamath county that anybody who wasn't endorsed by the party and the primary is supposed to drop out of the race so only one person in every primary rage that is breaking down thank god that is breaking down in in the mail me mummy jumping on for those lists and you know out state and be in out across the country if this is this is their home county in the home party of a former congresswoman Jean Schmidt who is now finds herself now looking to make a comeback in politics after losing in twenty twelve and she's now running for state representative finds herself right in the middle of a a party that she's been on the executive committee since early adulthood you you know show under for the for the endorsements for this accounting endorsement and again another a crazy primary but you're right this is a county in in in that so much like this in counties and cities all across the country but I I tell you what it it round here in greater Cincinnati that that sample ballot may not mean more to any group of voters than it does to a Clermont county Republican voters and so do take it take it from there there there was a yes but what what happened is that when the system this year there's really broken down it started breaking down a twenty eighteen when I ran for the first time for office and it's really broken down and we have I think five competitive races were people have not dropped out of the races and they're running and they're actually almost across the board I think we have better candidates who are not on the endorsement card than the ones who are on the endorsement card with the Clermont county Republican Party in the primary but this pandemic track universe pandemic bank if we all knows what off the voting on March seventeenth yes so the Klamath county Republican Party where the prostitutes worked as you hand people card when they're walking in the vote and they vote the way their card tell them well what happens when Hey you've got a bunch of people challenging their card N. B. the governor suspends the election on that day and you can't hand people that car seat and see you're never able to handle to because there's not technically an election day is all vote by mail now right well and there's been so much stuff about the you know some of your listeners mac if you're from around these parts make sure to get informative young correspondent decent job of covering some stories on this channel twelve done a good job at covering stories on you know allegations about a bribe offer involving representative back girl I have been offered a bribe by the party chair of the D. O. D. O. th actually Madison adultery site stop there's there's all the the the David you on probation for four doors and doors candidate David you've all on probation for fraud on a on a petition she got all these things going on that are challenging the system and now the election doesn't happen in the fandom the people the card isn't there they were moving the party to try to get to spend more money on the primary around this card with you it's almost stunning how much money the Republican Party in Clermont county stands on its primary it's it's it's like the general election doesn't matter in and getting out broker statewide and trump takes a backseat to trying to control the county level offices yeah so there was a move to try to spend more money we've already spent more money than we ever have it's a little unclear because our party treasurer who is the county Virginia generally will not release financial information to members of the executive committee of the party which is a little bizarre but we spent a bunch of money in there was a move to spend more money it kind of didn't happen it never got approved by the executive committee the party to send mailers to all the voters to once again try to make sure they both the winners for the vote low and behold grace and even that was never approved in support with the parties not paying for it when the party leader because everybody's quarantine decided they couldn't meet correct yeah right right right well plus I think the lawyers involved with the party all told him it was illegal to do what they were bye bye zoom or teleconferences out yet yeah yeah so what what happened but so we never got approved but the card showed up anyway low light hold lower boulder to Clermont county way just out of the blue well the card say they're paid for by the party and they'll get great Simpson's name autumn in the show up in mailboxes across the county when it last raised basically they're showing up for anybody to request an absentee ballot so you're you're looking for it might not be familiar with the ability of politicians continue to request yes yep and out mailers get to them either start showing up and that creates sort of a melt down and that's what because Greg Simpson ago reported to the police and I think it happened my candy we had you know we've had in the last twelve years for elected officials at the county level be involved in crimes he merry Walker art you will send Pat mongering David you yeah and I think Tom Brinkman told me represent operate me told me that he thinks we have a record for that period of time calculable elected officials have been to take plea deals of any county in Ohio and that's it that would not be a distinction that you want to have a sauna so we got all the stuff why record store worn out it's been acting up the real task and I hope it works out a test of our law enforcement and prosecutor's office assured that they can play it straight and get on top of it and it's not business as usual where a lot of times things get looked the other way you know how you know it you know probably in office Klamath county to know that the way things work here if you're connected with the political system the odds that you're going to get you know arrested charged or prosecuted are significantly less than the average guy if they did the same thing so the card show up there's a report in the and what I understand right now is that they know who did it and the prime suspect is that I'm I'm told I don't have that I can't say this with certainty but that Mr you boys involved in this one to make sure David you boy you're talking about running for state Senate was not endorsed by the state GOP but wasn't the worst on probation for records tampering but endorsed none the less by the Clermont county Republican Party where we're where we were all so the so can't make it up folks you cannot make it up that we have the top of our doors to get in the county level being somebody who's on probation for election related crime surely so but you can go down the left but you know you can get people should research each candidate and realized that this card bank they've got it and it's got you know what what we need is informed voters and I will put that passionately believe we need informed voters and we need politicians here historically Jason and that's true this year there's been a few exceptions but if you're endorsed candidate for the Klamath county Republican Party you historically refused to appear in any candidate forums that's the right roles we would that we all want to know this year we don't there's been a few exceptions because not in really in in like Joe deals appeared in a candid form we had in Union Township but he refused to be felt other candidates all got films you know something like that so there's been a few exceptions were indoors people have appeared and things but but it's still largely the same so it's if we keep the people in the dark ages the counterfactual oil Republican voters they'll just check the right boxes we gotta change it we don't have more information I live in the with people not familiar with car my county there's a very western side of the county urbanized right up against I. two seventy five in there eastern part of the county that's more rural and that western side keeps growing like crazy a lot of people move them from Hamilton County that's right we don't and if we don't change the political system and open it up here in Clermont county I want the political system to be conservative Republican first all long if the if the as far as the eye can see but we got to open up that system and get rid of the crony culture in the look the other way culture we can get a culture that embraces talent from the public in candidates a run Chris but you're right and you know what if the corruption and the crony in the swamp continues like you said people are moving in from Hamilton County in from other places across greater Cincinnati it's a growing county and if this continues on and not saying next year even five years but maybe ten years fifteen years down the road if this continues that's where the Democrats eventually or the other party opposition party can make their move great stuff Chris six thanks so much have a great weekend happy Easter we get taken like on these routes thank in a few weeks since our lives took this dramatic change it hasn't been easy for any of us and we know you just want some sort of return to normalcy and that's what we're offering.

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