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Your Monday Franklin's is at the actor's death metal Greg Herschel time and the fact of a few minutes ago a federal judge in New York rejected president Donald trump's challenge to the release of his tax returns for a New York state criminal probe judge Victor Marrero ruling that he cannot endorse such a quart categorical and limitless limitless assertion of presidential immunity from judicial process those tax returns have been sought by the mad hatter's Manhattan district attorney investigating the trump organizations involvement in buying the silence of two women who claim to have had affairs with the president before he took office Turkey's president says US forces began pulling out of northern Syria after he talked with president trump president or to once said today he in trouble continue talks on the issue the White House announced yesterday that Turkey would soon begin its long planned military operation to create what it calls a safe zone near its border there's now a second whistleblower accusing president trump of misconduct and house Republican Chris Stewart says he's not concerned about this on fox news Sunday the Utah congressman brushed off the reports that some a second person is speaking out about the president's dealings with Ukraine which are now the focus of house impeachment in court it does not matter this person is going to come forward and say yep the president had this phone call and yep that's the transcript ABC's Erin to Turkey is on our come on whose line what we know so far in all we know is a member of the national security staff of a new whistleblower could provide leads and he claims to have first hand knowledge of the president's interactions with Ukraine which could undermine one of the president's main arguments that the first whistle blower wasn't a direct witness of course lawmakers are likely going to want to talk to this new whistleblower as soon as possible no his attorneys have told us that still not clear if and when he would file a formal complaint and instead he's represented by the same attorney is representing the first whistle blower and did did that would be entitled to and to the same protections under the whistleblower statute our Republican saying anything about this or is it too early to get reaction well you heard the the the one you played it and I and I think that to to the president and his allies the number of of whistle blowers that come forward isn't the issue because they believe the president has done nothing wrong but I think it does make it harder to ignore because they don't even need a whistleblower anymore you have the text messages that that came out over the last couple of days of that but that say quid pro quo and you have the president himself on the on the south lawn of the White House saying that he's been trying to pressure you crane and even inviting China to do the same to investigate Joe Biden so if the first whistle blower did not have first hand information and the second one does the question then becomes what is this person now we know what's in the conversation we know the president says but perhaps the the this person knows something about how the conversation was concealed in to a different server that could be important also if the president is alleging a political motivation and a second whistleblower clearly doesn't have a political motive that could certainly help the Democrats because as well all right Erin thanks for your time is always ABC's Erin to Turkey the former vice president of the trump business empire believes that the president will resign rather than being the risk being removed by Congress barber read as was the trump organization vice president in charge of construction for many years and she told CNN yesterday she believes crop will resign or cut a deal during the impeachment process come on his time.

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