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All lanes on D C to 95 remain blocked for a police investigation. The earlier shooting that we were talking about that investigation ongoing. The lanes blocked south bound from Eastern Avenue to nanny Helen Burrows Avenue North bound Does get by over trying to get into the district in a fairly expedient manner. You may want to think about taking the split and going toward route 50 westbound toward New York Avenue that will get you back into the city through northeast. It's a little bit of a job, but at least it's moving, which the service road really isn't very much. It's a very, very sluggish right through Northeast D. C on the freeway. No reported delays in Maryland still cleaning up crash activity on to 70 the local lanes right after Montgomery Villa Javadi before the locals and the main through lanes merged together. They're near Watkins Mill Road, watching the crash activity on the left side. It's still very sluggish, but we understand it's in the process of going away slowly. On the rest of 2 70. I believe we're in pretty good shape. We had a couple of water main breaks to talk about one is going to be in Damascus in Montgomery County Ridge Road. Both directions between Bethesda Church Road in Valley Park Drive traffic, alternating at last report through that work zone and then in the Prince George's County route for 50 Annapolis Road westbound at Cooper Lane. The water main break was on the left side. Unclear what lanes are affected by this now, but probably gonna have to stay to the right to stay high and dry walk for the holiday lights activities. On Clapper Road. Both directions near Seneca Creek State Park, Stony Brook Drive through Montgomery County. Both directions near Beach Drive and Kent Street in Prince George's County. Walk in Park Drive to 14 between 2 14 Central Avenue and Land over road and then 150 eastbound at Oceanic Dr. Expect delays as folks go look at the pretty lights in Virginia. No reported delays on the Beltway or on and 95 as far south as Fredericksburg and Crawford. W T O P. Traffic. Thank you. Now, let's get your storm team. 44 day forecast with NBC forcing me a Draper mainly clear skies out there on this Tuesday evening, with lows in the mid twenties to low thirties for tomorrow, mostly to partly.

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