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Sunshine at 9 30. Good morning. I'm Charlie Merger on Here's what's happening. What's going to stay cold all day long wind chills expected to be single digits, maybe even teens at best WBZ TV meteorologist Jacob Wycoff. You see that wind out of the Northwest and with that Northwest way into our feels like temperatures. Are below zero. So we're in 11 below for Worcester, seven below in Boston. So we have this frigid cold. A windshield advisory still in effect for northern Worcester County into northwest Middlesex County, Windchills as low as 20 below, When you do get some of those wind gusts that's through 10 a.m. this morning and to add to the fun. There is word of a nor'easter heading our way, which could bring a significant amount of snow. Monday into the better part of Tuesday. Details coming up in the forecast in just a few minutes. Latest numbers from the state Health Department in Massachusetts show more than 2700 new coronavirus cases, But there was a technical glitch, so they missed about 25,000 test results, So we'll see those numbers in today's Daily count some good numbers. Though the seven day average positivity rate has gone way down. It's about 4%. Now it was 8%. Not that long ago, nearly 1800 people hospitalized with covert that's trending down as well. And it is estimated there are about 74,000 people with coronavirus right now. Statewide, that number also down significantly schools without H vac systems or the proper filters. Are being urged to keep their windows open in classrooms where there's in person learning even frigid days like yesterday, but of schools have air purifiers in those rooms. The windows only have to be open the crack WBC's Kim Tunnicliffe checked in with a couple of school district's to see how things are going. Attleboro High School was able to work with the city to get air purifiers for classrooms where in person learning is taking place. Principal Bill Rooney says Windows in those rooms on Lee have to be open by an inch or two. But with single digit temperatures opening a window. Even an inter to it can get mighty cold from cases there some complaints of their teachers I hear from families on occasion, but we've been very fortunate. Our community has supported the fact that things are different. Remco bit conditions. I think most people it's not optimal, but they are accepting it As they go. The head of the Boston Teachers union, Jessica Tang, has been doing walk throughs at a number of schools to make sure classrooms are in compliance. Is it you in terms of keeping buildings and grew warm enough? We certainly have had concerns about group being too cold. Who's having to keep the Windows open to help with the ventilation? Kim Tom, a close WBZ Boston's news radio with new more content. Just strains of the coronavirus, posing a threat. Health officials urging people to continue practicing social distancing and wear protective gear infectious disease specialist doctor Who's Masai Ed Says it's important for people to keep their guard up. Even with vaccine drives underway, we know that not all master created equal, so I think that's a message that we really need to get across is the more layers that we can create. The better will be at preventing transmission, especially for these variants that are more transmissible. It is 9 33 Have you flown lately? Have you flown in the past year? There's a list out Of the best and worst airlines. Well, we'll.

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