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Altered due to injury and blessedly we are unaware because the body is an amazing compensator. It will put in these compensations strategies so we could do remember the injury because it didn't really I mean it was impactful at the time but we got better but as it turns out we can get all better but the body just doesn't work around. Yeah, so we offer pretty functionally. Okay, unless someone asks you to do something that highlights that compensation and you go like oh, well, you know, I don't ski anymore or am I gave up tennis years ago because of the shoulder injury. Those are also it's an indication that the injury actually never healed but we're working around it. So I want to say a little bit off about about compensation strategies because we look for these all the time and everyone should be I mean everyone should be looking for these because it's an indication of a small dog. Problem that it may not be a problem. Now it is going to become one at some point. It's going to Bubble up as a problem and it might not be for decades but places where you can see these compensations strategies is in biomechanical Distortion. So if one shoulder is lower than the other amount of so many people come in, you know, their children would be really low and I'll say has anybody ever told you you're right shoulder is really low. Oh, yeah when I get my suits tailored, I always have to make the right. You know, like oh, yeah. My Taylor is told me he's compensating. The Taylor is yes by Taylor is compensating exactly like those things like that. But how about mechanical Distortion another place to look for it is on the bottom of your shoes does the right heel year out faster than the left heel any kind of asymmetry like that? Because we are a bilateral symmetrical creation is an indication of biomechanical destroyed. Scoliosis, that's a huge one scoliosis. Idiopathic scoliosis means a Stoli osis that we don't know why it's caused. I know why they're caused from you look up from a whole body biomechanical perspective suddenly is something as challenging to treat a scoliosis becomes much more manageable and much more possible in terms of treatment. Usually a scoliosis. They're going to have one hip that's higher than the other and usually one leg that's shorter than the other the question is. Is it an anatomical problem or Black Box? No problem. Is that leg functionally short in other words. There's a torquing in the pelvis. It is some other reason why they're hitching up that leg or on the wage that left hip is really high because the ql which is a muscle in the back is shortened because of an instability into pelvis and the platform. The pelvis is a platform. For the spine to sit on and if that platform is tipped, then the tree doesn't go straight grow straight and it's a compensation those S curves are really compensation, which the body does an amazing job at trying to normalize an abnormal situation. So we we do lots of work with scoliosis and you know anything below a 20 degree curve. We we pretty much context and every curb Stewart's at five degrees than 10,000 reason then it goes up from there. Well, I've got a I've got a jump in because I've got a personal question. This is my wife is always saying you're slouching. You're slouching stand up straight. She's right. If I look at my boss in the mirror sideways, you know, I'm bent over a little bit. I don't want to be a little old man bent over so I don't mind being a little old man, but I'd rather not be bent over so I'm conscious. I'm very conscious of birth. To straighten myself up other things that can be done for somebody like me and have to to assist Beyond just consciously focusing on straightening my music..

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