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I mean, people people my comments are complaining because I've said this in I think in the last three videos, but yeah, I can now charge everything I carry with me on with one cable, and if that cable it I if that is not true, then I'm not going to carry that product. I'm sorry. The service up to has no place in my bag if I have to carry around a surface blade charger with me, you know, it's it's funny. You mentioned that because I feel the same way in a slightly pivoted manner. I have been test. Being USB ear buds recently. And I love the fact that we're finally getting to a point where these ear buds could actually work with other devices than the ones that are meant to compliment, for example, the razor hammerhead UNBC noise canceling headphones that actually thinks I'm pretty good with the noise cancelling as I love about them. They're not going to really noise canceling everything out. But even just a little bit goes a long way, sometimes they work with my maple expo. Oh, yeah. That is nice. Yeah. Plug into the USCC exactly either of the two USB ports. And there you go. I have an I have audio and I was like, wow. So if you as you see isn't every single product that I have then they can all work in congress. And I I kind of look forward to that. Actually, I understand there's some people out there. They're going to give us BBC audio or is the headphone jacks, blah, blah, blah. What's funny is that the made book has of headphone, Jack also. But since I only had those hammer heads on me this, and I was really happy about that. And it will be really nice when USB finally matures just to like get off the like. Brought to you by the US spec- coalition. Second USCCA is still broken. And a lot of ways stuff that should be compatible isn't and even if the port fits, it doesn't mean that it's actually going to go to work for you every time and glad to work for in that case. Yeah, it's it's far from universal. Yeah. But it's nice to see that more. Things are starting to sort of just fall in line true. And yeah, I have I have an inker power break that I connect a bunch of things to in order to charge my stuff, I can connect my my laptop or my phone or the these go pros. Yeah. To it to charge things. Then that's nice. I hope it becomes more and more prevalent. Another great example of USB embrace her since hero five or six. I've got can't remember. Yeah. Testing do not make me carry around an old micro b cable to charge my stuff. I still have a few of my bag. I just can't get away from it. Right. Yeah. Because like the mini think you're free of it. Like, a company will release the smartwatch. And they'll use a doc. That's like, you know, hasn't micro USB port and like you guys. Where are you on? So I was waiting for something. I was being very nice. And the person was it's funny when you have that little pause. It's like awkward handshake. You know, you go. T-bone collision. Yeah. Exactly. At least they looked really slow. I was like, okay. I'll creep premium. Okay. Cool. So you just mentioned smartwatch is like where where do you stand on smart watches in two thousand eighteen after everything we've seen? Well, we waited basically all year for the new version of Google's Wairoa s to come out. Right. And that version looks pretty cool now that we've gotten to play with it a little bit, and it's starting to trickle out on devices. But so far the only thing I've used it on for a long time as the w seven, and I'm still very envious of you for having that. But but here's the thing. It's not a typical experience because it it's the watch that has the analog hands mounted over the display. Yeah. And that's fun. That's a cool little thing. It makes this very special experience. But are also introduces a ton a ton of compromises because the production pipeline was longer. So they had to use the old Snapdragon where twenty one hundred. And Scott can do the same thing. I was so disappointed. There's no heart rate sensor is I don't really care about some people. Do you know, it's it's doesn't get the new battery life improvements that thirty one hundred brings blah, blah, blah, blah, blah..

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