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The Ghostbusters movie series is being passed onto the son of original director, Ivan Reitman, four time Oscar nominee, Jason Reitman, set to direct a new installment in the series for Sony Pictures, set to come out in the summer of twenty twenty Ivan Reitman directed and produced the original nineteen Eighty-four Ghostbusters and its sequel in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine the studio says the new Ghostbusters will go back to its roots. And it'll be the next chapter in the original story Sony, attempted to reboot Ghostbusters in two thousand sixteen with gender flipped leads. But the costly film disappointed at the box office. With the government shutdown already the longest in the nation's history, there appears to be no end in sight. But as a piece to McGuire reports actress Carol Channing has died of natural causes at the age of ninety seven at her home in Rancho Mirage, California, AP entertainment, correspondent Margie zaraleta? Has a look at her career. Carol Channing once said, she had no real eyelashes because she glued false ones on so many times her most famous role was Dolly Levi in Hello Dolly. And she originated the role of Laura lie. Leeann Broadway for gentlemen, prefer blondes. That's where she got her other signature song that diamond heroes Channing said in one thousand nine hundred four AP interview. She was forever. Grateful for those two roles. I got to play to lady Macbeth's of the American musical theater. These were enough to to be grateful for a lifetime. I'm Archie zaraleta? Deaths in Syria. I'm Ed Donahue with an AP news minute. A number of US troops were killed in an explosion well-conducted, a routine patrol in Syria. It comes less than a month. After President Trump announced his intention to withdraw troops from Syria at the State Department this morning. Vice President Mike Pence says ISIS has been defeated in Syria. Protect the gains that our soldiers and our coalition partners have secured. But this president has often spoken about his his desire to bring an end endless wars in America. And the ability to bring our troops home. Bring them home in an orderly in an effective way. Acting Environmental Protection Agency chief Andrew Wheeler described himself as a champion of deregulation and the environment at his confirmation hearing as a leading democrat called him just as extreme as predecessor, Scott Pruitt. A trustee says Michigan state university's board of trustees will seek to oust interim president John Engler over criticism of comments he made about victims of imprisoned exports. Dr Larry Nassar. I'm Ed Donahue, more news right after.

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