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And i ranted about it and i totally forgot everything that happened on the show so i do have notes here if i wanted to go over it but i don't care and besides we need to talk about this This annex t show right here because very quickly mike without going on for an hour. Just a quick. What did you think of this show. Am i the only one. That was underwhelmed. Probably probably really you know. Yeah yeah i think so. I definitely not over well. Were you just welcomed. I was welcomed. I thought it was a nice salad. Show i like some of the aesthetic changes that they made to the shows. The graphics go. I think the the eagles skeleton logo combinations a little bit much but i again some of those aesthetics matter in of course you know the story lines. The stars need matter more but i lightly on rough and swerve. Scott i liked the way that they've of linked them with each other to kind of try to move things forward with them. I'm not the biggest cross crossman in the world. But i'm in the minority on that one and there seems to be a lot of people that like him. I don't think that the promo was that great. But i thought starting the show with it i thought they established that really well msk. I thought that was a nice showcase for them. I guess you either like them or you don't and it was kind of a weird match. Up in that drake maverick. You know being as part of the other team seem to get a lot of sympathy there which had people doing. Msk but they set up mercedes martinez and and Brain lock billy stark. And they move some things forward the main event. You know you can talk about that. I know you're going to get into that. It is what it is. I did pop huge. And i'm ashamed of myself because i hate this story. Line indy hartwell giving the thumbs up. I got to admit. I did pop for that. But that's a big problem. That's the biggest problem i have. Is that car. Ghana was a goofball. I know by. I like bronson read and austin theory a lot for them to be continuously tied up into this. I didn't like that. But escobar's a star. I like how they said up coscia. And 'cause she's getting that victory i thought was awesome in setting up the match done for later. I thought a lot of things really worked on. The show wasn't the greatest show in the world. No was in a nice base to move forward. I believe that it was other than i would have definitely changed the main event. But that's just me. Okay go on forever. Listen here's here's my whole point of the show. Everybody like i hate this show. Okay i thought the show was fine but my point is this is the first tuesday exte- show they've moved to tuesday. They're going to be on tuesday for the rest of their lives until maybe next year. Whatever but the point is they're tuesday's now. Okay so if you remember to watch tuesday now it's like oh well. Do i wanna watch every tuesday. Now that we know have a winston at wars anymore. oh it's the first takeover after the wrestlemainia takeover show. This is what we got everybody. Killian carrying crossed is a promo which was fine. Okay all right. We have killian. Dane and drake maverick versus. Msk for the tag team. Titles which was it was fine but you have to face teams the crowd like they were dead okay. I don't want to hear that. They were not dead because they were dead and they were dead for like most of the show here they were just sitting watching the show and they were dead and so the match was okay. But i'm watching this okay match in front of a crowd that's dead. We have Alexander wolf showing up to recruit killing but then they beat him up so in by the way what happened to him and timothy thatcher like is that going to continue because it appeared to have been completely dropped here on this show. we have a mercedes. Martinez deal that sets up a match later we had coal riley aftermath. Which was funny. They're being carted into the hospital or the medical center or the hospital like structure and they're screaming each other on. These gurneys is there that was great mercedes. Martinez beats jesse chimera two minutes zero heat from the crowd and then she chokes robert stone. Okay whatever we have a couple promos and everything like that and then yes we had those escobar then was good match. Kushida won the title. I don't want to complain. I know this will come off is a complaint. But i liked.

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