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Here's the deal whether your into podcast about ghastly crimes or hip hop rhymes there's always something new to discover on spotify i was a pretty great rhyme scheme anna saifur even with a mix of original and many of the world's most popular shows listening to podcasts on spotify as easy right yes absolutely you just open up the app you tap browse the dive into their growing library and we mean growing exponentially so subscribe to your favorites including the entire archive of ridiculous history so you'll never miss a single show and you can also download podcast for those moments when your up in the air or going underground a literally we me all year in a planer train boom got it podcast on spotify are streaming right this very minute so go check them out uh uh uh uh uh uh uh no drew welcome to the show my name is been and i just might be addicted to carbs as you my pal knoll and have been trying to go a little later on the carbs lately but i am a big fan of uh a good begets yes agreed in here in the us we have a little bit more leeway with the definition of what a get is and despite how important carbs might be to nol to myself and into our super producer casey peg room in france it turns out there much more important crucial big time that's why for two centuries there was a law on the books in paris that basically established a continuous free flowing access to bread and this was most important during the summer months when a lot of parisians take vacations and it's a big deal the you know paris.

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