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How rude the aliens thought they were so amazing and because of their size many people watching were becoming afraid of them by not astronaut. Benny very well. I challenge you to a race on skateboards once around the rings of saturn where brilliant skateboarding. We're much better than you and we will win all of our races. Don't believe us well. It's true so we accept your challenge of the rings of saturn's race will do the race tomorrow and we're gonna get first place. The alien stomped back into their craft and headed back up into space. Everyone turned to look at astronaut. Benny come on everyone. He said we've got a race to win. The engineers worked overnight to get the rocket ready for takeoff which gave astronaut penny just enough time to nip home and collect his favorite skateboard and get a few hours rest by the time. He was rocketing through the earth's atmosphere early the next morning. He was both refreshed and determined to save the moon from the horrible aliens. He was accompanied by floating. Robot called h. Eighty two that would firm the race so the people of earth could watch when he arrived at saturn. The three aliens already. They're doing tricks on their skateboards one of them was really good doing cool. Flips and generally showing off but astronaut bennie wasn't worried he knew a few cool tricks to the aliens had rigged up a starting point. The would also act as the finishing line. Once they completed a lap of saturn's rings hd two floated off and took up position while astronaut. Benny collected his skateboard and rolled over to the start. Way one that. If you'd bother we won that if you'd come but humans are so simple and also rather dumb you're going to get beaten. You're never going to win. In case we haven't mentioned we're the best data everything astronaut. Benny took his place on the starting line. Yeah you mentioned it but a mike experience bullies a pretty much all talk and no action. So we'll see who's the best you're ready. It was the aliens. Turn to be surprised. They weren't used to somebody standing up to them. They hurriedly took their places on the starting line and then after a brief pause they were off back on earth. The whole world was watching the race and everyone groaned when they saw that the longer legs of the aliens and the fact that they had three of them meant that they were quickly leaving astronaut. Benny behind the race had barely started. But it already looked like the earth was going to lose its moon but then something amazing happened astronaut. Benny began to steer towards sadden. Then away again in a series of graceful curves. He was leading saddens gravity. Pull him towards it. Much like a skateboarder will use the downward slope of a ramp to pick up speed. The more astronaut. Benny did this the faster he became and by the time the aliens realize what he was doing. He had zoomed right past them. Curving backwards and forwards along saturn's rings. Is he went. The aliens went into a panic. One of them tried to go faster by pushing off with two feet at once but he got into a tangle and fell flat on his face. The second alien tried to cheat by using a miniature rocket on the back of his skateboard. But the rocket misfired handed. Skateboard caught fire. The third alien attempted to copy astronaut. Benny but it took the alien so long to get the hang of it that by the time he had mastered it. Eighty two was filming astronaut. Benny crossing the finishing line. The people of earth erupted with cheers and celebration. The moon was saved. The three aliens trudge silently back to their spacecraft with huge sochi faces. Just as they were about to board astronaut. Benny said you could have come to earth and made friends with us but you chose to be bullies and make a nasty fuss. I'm not gonna brag about how i beat you at the race. It's time to keep your promise and head back out of space and sure enough. The aliens did and astronaut. Benny he got a hero's welcome of course and a cool new skateboard as a thank. You well done astronaut benny..

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