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To play wcbs eight eighty right now it's eight forty two sports i hear on wcbs with brad heller at the paul miller bmw sports desk paul cristiano ronaldo scored all four goals for portugal in the world cup including in the fourth minute today portugalete morocco one nothing as they play late in the first half baseball injuries in the starting rotation evan stopped the yankees thanks to guys like to mingo her mind gave up just two hits in seven innings and seven two two win over the mariners at the stadium he's really talented he's got three really good pitches i think the question is can he be a full time starter and he continues seems like with every outing proving that he is capable of that aaron boone getting home runs from stanton and do har hicks torres the red sox lost the yankees are all alone in first place then that's three game winning streaks over a ten eight lost the rockies and denver jason vargas was not that in the third inning he gave up seven runs including back to back to back home runs sports i it's forty two i'm brad heller at the paul miller bmw sports desk the fourth of july is coming up so i'm having a few buddies over for a barbecue to watch the fireworks we're going to be grilling and of course having some awesome drinks to get everything i needed i went to total wine and more josh drops every time i walk in wine beer cigars all the accessories and decorations i need they even found me this bobby that was just amazing we went to give it a try at the tasting table as soon as i tasted it i knew it was going to be perfect for watching the fireworks i can't wait for my next trip to total wine and more they always find something that's freaking delayed as a business owner.

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