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S. army lieutenant colonel Alexander van been this morning he's on Capitol Hill to testify as part of the Democrats impeachment inquiry of president trump been been is the national security council's top expert on Ukraine he listened in on trump's July phone call with Ukraine's president a deadline set by Turkey and Russia for Kurdish fighters in Syria to pull back from the Turkish border expires today NPR's Peter Kenyon has more Turkey's foreign ministers meeting with his Russian and Iranian counterparts in Geneva but it's not clear whether the ceasefire can be extended witnesses report Turkish military convoys continue to head toward the Syrian border separately officials say some twenty ISIS suspects were detained in Ankara and an attack thwarted missed amble bringing the total to more than one hundred detentions in October a wildfire in northern California cinema county continues to threaten thousands of homes it's one of several in the state being fueled by strong winds Alex Emsley with member station KQED is in Santa Rosa nodded in many homes destroyed as we might have seen in past years and no fatalities yet no missing persons reported and that's very different than what we've seen in in past large fires like this this is a gas and electric has begun cutting power to more than six hundred thousand customers to try to reduce the risk of fire live from KQED news I'm Brian what those latest rounds of electricity shut off you just heard were expected to start hitting the bay area this hour the utility is expecting another round of strong winds today and tomorrow so it plans to turn the power off for close to six hundred thousand customers to prevent powerful winds from damaging its equipment and starting more wild fires P. Jeannie says customers in portions of said no might napa and Solano county we're expected to start losing electricity starting at seven AM customers in portions of all other bay area counties except San Francisco could start losing power at eleven tonight last night the company said it restored electricity to over half of the customers who lost power in the last shut offs the California public utilities commission is launched a formal investigation into P. genies electricity shut off the C. P. U. C. says it will re examine the regulations that left the investor owned utility and others like it turn off the power for millions of people here's governor Gavin Newsom on what the probe will focus on making sure that we get.

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