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Check that out leaving rating to if you could appreciate that and hello. I'm seeing a lot way. More hallows from some people joining us continuing to join us. Live good to see everybody christner and many many others get to see a lot of familiar names. A lot of new names Hello everybody thanks for joining. Thanks for listening and Be department let's roll on hough. Let's roll on just money. Says you need to get mike daniels back on. Yeah we'll try. His representation has been awesome to us by the way. So we will We will try and do what we can on that front continuing on the bengals. Vikings week one News year bengals announced their team captains. This was yesterday as well. Yes it was and they announced the seven players. Job bro tyler boy. Joe mixing a new one. Jessie bates von bell. Sam hubbard kevin huber. Now the to that kind of stand out to me in that. I will make the most comments on would be joe mixing and jessie bates mixing stands out to me. Because think back a handful. And i wanna go back in rehash you know ugly instances in the past from anybody but you know when you think back to joe mixing in the as a prospect coming out of the draft. There was kind of this other story that followed him. And i think we all know the deal. We don't need to go into the details there. you know there were just some off. Field concerns with joe mixing. He has been nothing but essentially a model citizen since entering the nfl and being with the cincinnati bengals has asserted himself as a team leader. So when i saw his name at the captain level unfortunately you know. I did think of an ugly situation years back but it also made me really proud as someone who covers the bangles a fan of the team a really proud of a guy like joe mixing who has really kind of turn things around from that ugly incident and really matured and is now a team captain of the team so kudos to him on being one of the seven captains of the team and then you look at jessie bates. That's an interesting situation because the bengals in he apparently are in a contract stalemates as contracts. Donate at this point in time they have a few days are not They haven't agree to a long term deal. Jessie bates now team captain. He's also been a big part of their marketing endeavors. That they've been really pushing out with new jersey's in everything and so he is a A captain there and you see the ones last year borough. Bell huber were captains along with Sean williams aj green. Geo bernard josh buying so Interesting stuff there but That's those are the seven captains right there. Borough boyd mixing bates bell hubbard and huber. So congratulations to those seven and got is at our In a lot of a lot of different ways. They are deserving of that designation. Unusually quarterback is the the team captain there so speaking of the team captains speaking of joe. Borough there is a a feature. That is going to be aired. I believe it's going to be on sportscenter on sunday so it it's an interview with him Talking with espn. But basically there's more talk of. Hey we have high goals as a team in terms of level of success that we want to attain and then of course the knee injury where he's at mentally where he's at physically with all of that and there were a couple of quotes that he sent out with Was with dan graziano in it was. Espn so this is probably going to be on. The full interview will be on Yes fiene and and i think their you know their website and all all kinds of different outlets but quote. None was the answer when graziano asked him if he had any concerns about his surgically repaired. left knee so quote. It shouldn't affect me at all. Meaning the knee brace. I don't really like wearing it because it's big and bulky but i don't think it'll affect my play. I think he also went on to say that. He doesn't think it's something. He will need for the entirety of his career. At least he doesn't hope so because of those reasons. So that's that's joe bureau on there and then of course you see here. The the goals for the season quote make the playoffs win the division. We really need to get better closing out games. Which is definitely something that has plagued the bengals for a while there quote we had leeds in the fourth quarter of something like seven or eight games last year and we ended up losing all of them. We just need to be better down the stretch. So they host the minnesota vikings and look while this seems like a winnable game for the bengals and they very well could win the game especially at being at home. The vikings are are pretty high quality team. That's probably going to be my. My assumption is that it's probably going to be something that is going to resemble a one score game or something that is relatively close so the bengals very well right away could have a contest in which they will need to be able to get over those hurdles of these one possession games week one last year. I mean. I don't wanna remind everybody would happen there last year but that was a one possession game You know the in subsequent weeks after that. The browns a week to the bengals played played. Catch up there but You know that was a one possession game yet. The tie with the eagles. I mean there are a lot of these situations where the bengals were in. These games had late leads all that kind of stuff and they couldn't close it out so that is a big focus which inevitably will lead to the first two points. Joe borough brought up in terms of being competitive winning the division making the playoffs all of that so that is a lie. Some interesting quotes there from joe borough. Now you've got some more quotes from his buddy on offense demar chase. I guess i should've talked about this after the depth chart. But that's okay we're going to get it anyway. Jomar chase speaks on his pre season drops. I i feel for this kid. Because there's nothing quite like trying to get over a mental hurdle and doing the work that you need to do in order to get.

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