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Choppers is produced by Gimblett and sponsored by crest and oral B. Very you ready to get here. Roic good because it's time for chompers your morning and night tooth brushing. Chef. Serb brushing on the top of your mouth on one side. But don't rush to her. It's heroines week where we talk about your roic women from history today, we have the story of two heroines Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan who spent their lives helping people who are blind and deaf. Helen, Keller and Annie Sullivan lived a little more than one hundred years ago. Helen was blind and deaf, which means she couldn't see or hear her world was dark and quiet. Helen's parents wanted to communicate with her. But they couldn't figure out how she couldn't learn to speak because she couldn't hear people talk. She had a hard time expressing what she needed and she'd have temper tantrums out of frustration. That's where Annie Sullivan comes in. Switzer rushing to the other side of the top of your mouth and brush all the way to the molars in the back. Helen's parents knew she needed help. So the hired Anne Sullivan to be her teacher. Any did our best to teach. Helen some words by spelling them into the palm of Helen's hand, she gave. Helen, a doll and traced the letters D O L, Al the word doll into Helen's Paul but Helen didn't quite seem to understand. Switzer rushing to the bottom of your mouth brush your teeth too. One day any got an idea using a water pump. She held Helen's hand under the water. And spelled W A T in our the word water over and over and over again. Finally, Helen, got it everything had a name. Helen became obsessed with learning and worked hard to learn a ton of words. Helen, learn to read using a special language called braille she learned to write and she learned to speak. Switzer brushing to the other side of the bottom of your mouth your tongue brush to. Helen went to college. She published books and she started her own foundation to help other people with disabilities. Helen traveled to thirty nine countries met with world leaders and in nineteen sixty four was given a special award the presidential medal of freedom. And Anne, well, Helen and Anne remains lifelong friends, and the movie was made about an he's work called the miracle worker because of their determination and bravery Helen Keller and Annie Salvan are today's chompers heroin. That's it for choppers today. But comeback tonight for more wondrous winning until then. Three. One. Chompers is a production of Gimblett media. Chompers is brought to you by crest and oral B spring cleaning is all about freshening things up. Grownups that might mean finally cleaning out that messy garage. So why not gift that same spring clean feeling your kids crest and oral B have a great selection of dentist recommended toothbrushes for your little sprout and crest toothpastes come and flavors. Your kids. Love like strawberry and bubble gum with the enamel protection. You expect bring new meaning to spring cleaning with crest and oral B. Grownups. Learn more at oral B dot com slash kids.

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