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Yeah there's just something about there's something about that I don't I can't it just looks weird. His whole outfit and everything just weird. I don't I don't like it was supposed to be so. Maybe I should say Kudos them. But I don't want to end the red had lie. I don't like the red line I agree with you. I don't like ooh anyway I'm not a fan of the red. I'd like the pain went to e w was the leader of dark order than it might be good. Yeah boy they're terrible. I don't know about that dark order so I haven't seen anything that I like about it and then isn't it like brandies doing something similar for the female the nightmare coalition or something. He can't have everybody doing that. Yeah get a lot of things. I don't get what you can do what you can get folks if you own own Apple podcasts Joan Apple podcast spotify Anyplace you get podcasts. And subscribe subscribe to this podcast Guests and you'll get it every time we release episode which is admittedly so not on a regular schedule at this point because our lives are not on regular schedule schedule because we live a life of luxury. We're going places fine here and there to and fro making business deals eating Popeye's chicken sandwiches. Making the scene make drink in her mouth zero sugar joy and you know your joy flashy making the scene. What's ever signed she to making the scene? But Hey you hit that subscribe button also going Apple podcast. You can go on the APP on your iphone. You can leave us. A Review Lisa five star rating meltzer gave it seven stars. He said he said who stars. I yeah me neither I think I think did you. Not The JIG is up on him but like I think we've yeah. Yeah we're not far from the guy who poured the coffee for the guy who poured meltzer's coffee having a podcast. That's true I mean you and I have had one for a while right. We're you know six years listen. We've outlasted them off off. We were here. I think when we started there were maybe a hundred wrestling podcast. And now there's like one hundred new ones a week. We're still the best everything. Lord is evolving non wrestler related. PODCAST I think is the best the ones that are done by non wrestling personalities. Yes we're just personality. We're just two buddies talkin. Yeah sometimes we certainly have have better chemistry. The and and it's a true. Born of fire and Brimstone Eh and hardship of life chemistry sweat toil and blood to men who have had a fight for everything in this life tooth and nail. No no silver some food we fought the man and the man one and we are here. We did shoot the sheriff. We didn't shoot the deputy but we are here. We have outlasted outlasted of all. We are here to stay. I don't know what I just said but I was. You worked in the you didn't. We're born without a silver spoon. He faced face Caluzu. WHO's the girl in that? Show Aaron Aaron Gray Gray. I met her at Dragon. Con Beautiful would you say. She's gorgeous in fact she may be was she on Buck Rogers so she's gone issue that who she was go out of our lives forever like two years in the Ray. I didn't really want like I think I watched the intro to silver spoons. But I don't know that I've ever watched I watched it. I remember watching this. I'm sure he wasn't there like a spin off. Or a sequel to silver spoons Don't don't but everybody wanted one them. Trains that of the in house. Everybody wished that they they had that guy that will at least they wish their family had that guy's money. Yeah your family probably did have that money but that little train set yeah. That was pretty bad. Wasn't it say it. It was a full train that went around the house. They got one of those in Townsville. But I don't think he'd fit in your house unless your house was big as a yard it might anyway said all that so you can get us anywhere. Say Wes all that say this. You know what I like doing it on purpose is telling ninety five percent end of story and insane all right long story shore said all that. Say That's one of your go-to expressions. Yeah but the long stories short. I'd use it specifically as Oxymoron. When I've told a long story that didn't show showing it all but also so like when a messing with my kids I'll tell long story like let's say I'm telling a story about the civil war and then I'll say long story short? We landed waited all the moon. It's all good like what to do but I just would somebody. I don't want a long on story short. I won't the whole story I mean most of shorten it shave the details you are on you. Go to movie spoiler hit cut to the chase. Don't you I do to cut to the chase to know what you're talking about. What movie spoiler the movie spoiler DOT COM? Where Green go and read all the movie spoilers? Oh No no you can hit cut to the chase and get the whole movie like five sentences. I and so I will if I am kind of iffy on whether or not WanNa see a movie a lot of times. The deciding factor is. I'll go read the spoiler. And if I'm interested by the spoiler spoiler I will go see the movie that was GonNa Happen. I don't want to waste money but I have found that I care less and less. Yes listen we said it on the other the episode that will never be released. I enjoy do little but had I read the spoilers colors and listen to the critics I would not have gone. It was extenuating circumstances in a good way opportunity. See movie with some good people. Good friends megadeal impression on people that I need to make good impressions on and It was a good movie. Johnson implies is the polar bear busy probably though I kept hearing the hearing voices I recognize that voice. Oh interesting Gwyneth Paltrow paltrow. She's not in it. I don't anyway okay. It's been a great day recording. I gotta get this out so I can know if I'm right about the royal rumble so Any anything thing else naptime. Thank you for coming today. Yes we'll take that with you. Hey thank you for listening into the double drop kick show if you join our Patriot patriot. PATRIOTIC DOT com slash. Double Drop Kick. You might get the episode. That would never be released once you hear it. You'll understand why he never be released. And Idiot is edited heavily knitted unreleased. I don't want that to fall into the wrong hands anyway. Brian Someone's Day. Say hello to them in an elevator and and his always show I'm That's it this week lands. He's so long for now. UH The yeah..

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