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In jerusalem in his traditional christmas day message while speaking in saint peter's square the pope acknowledged growing tension between israelis and palestinians and he called for negotiations to allow the two states to peacefully coexist this is what it sounded like yesterday at the vatican began with your neighbour meaney decoded mondo nobody that budget as he quits as unamih najat day diabetic what other than co in wally awfully the correspondent john allen reports from vatican city and the address from pope francis it's important to remember that this effort or be that is to the city and the world address that france is giving isn't just the pope say mary christmas and it's not an exclusively religious message there's a lotta politics in there to it's kind of a three hundred sixty degree review of the global situation correspondent john allen went on to talk about the message of peace from pope francis this is a pope who will remain determined to try to press the ball on his diplomatic and political agenda pope who sees himself as a peace pope and he will be at at once again on christmas day talking about the israelis and the palestinians let's benham issue that the united nations has been talking about president trump and un ambassador nikki haley said they take steps against the nations that voted against the us for recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital correspondent steve kastenbaum says this week began with an announcement about a redo just budget at the un ambassador nikki haley warned there would be consequences of the general assembly voted against the us on jerusalem we will remember it when we are called upon to once again make the world's largest contribution to the united nations a few days later she announced a two hundred eighty five billion dollar reduction in the budget in a statement haley said the inefficiency and overspending of the un are wellknown and that the.

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