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All right. This episode of disgraced its musical score and theme song written by me jake. Brennan writing assistance by theoretical disgraced mixed and engineered by sean kaelin who also assisted musical scoring additional music score elements by ryan spreaker additional music services by brace cancer. Our ad music was composed by in kennedy story and copy editing by pat healy. Sources for this episode are available on my website as are the sources for all episodes. That's www dot. Usc graceland pod dot com. Talk me on. Instagram and twitter at disgrace slammed pod and find us at facebook dot com slash disgrace. Land here you can find more. Great episodes disgrace sand on the amazon music app. Just tell your echo device alexa. Play the disgrace land podcast or go to. Www dot. Amazon dot com slash disgracing real. Find the entire disgrace in arc. Featuring episodes on prints nirvana the grateful dead cardi b. And more. He's a bad man. I'm under skelter. Tiffany ocean ski where the host of the lead the lead is daily sports podcast from wondering and the athletic and every weekday we dive into one of the biggest or most fascinating sports stories of the day as told by a reporter. Who's covering that story up. Close like the jacksonville. Jaguars offering tim tivo play tight end. You can't just assume that. Tim tebow isn't going to be a massive story when you sign him in jacksonville and if and if urban thought that wasn't going to be was incredibly naive or the night that the us men's national soccer team came of age in a big win over mexico. I think if you're a fan after this game you're sitting back and saying man. These kids are the real deal and they're discovered now. How good are they going to be. Twenty twenty six when we come home the lead cut through the noise and brings you in-depth stories. Help make sense of the sports landscape all in about fifteen minutes each day. Check out the lead on amazon music or ask alexa to play the lead podcast. Hey i'm mike corey. The host of wonder show against the odds in our next season. I'll be telling the story of a group of international mountaineers who set out to climb the world's second tallest mountain called k. to it is also the most dangerous. Avalanches can drop from overhead without warning blizzards cause whiteout conditions. It's so treacherous. One in four climbers who try to reach the peak. Don't make it down. But that doesn't stop of climber sm- attempting the feat in the summer of two thousand eight through a series of unforeseen events. It'll become one of the worst climbing disasters in modern history but it will also lead to heroic acts of bravery and become a testament to the human will to survive. Subscribe to against the odds on amazon music. Or wherever. you're listening right now..

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