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This is mornings with kale and northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k. Larimer county sheriff. Justin smith no stranger to a little bit of controversy here in their share. Shaking things up. perhaps Well igniting a bit of an online hornet's nest when he took to facebook on saturday and urging residents of larimer county for collins not to give money to panhandlers joined this morning at eight. oh eight. Northern colorado's voice one of three one thirteen ten. Kf gay by larimer county. Sarah dustin smith and sheriff smith. Now you knew you were going to stir things up with this right. Honestly gail no. I believe the war birds are really anything that most folks disagree with. It actually reflects a lot of what i hear from my community. So it honestly. A lot of controversy in there was really manufactured interesting. Because i noticed that i'm working from a couple of pieces here one out of newsweek. But they're talking about the number of comments that god on that post. And i want get into the details of that post as well again posting your plea on facebook on saturday with a picture of a to panhandlers saying have you noticed. Recently every time you walk out of a business.

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