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Progressive insurance on the way in 17 minutes, man who was in the room. With Nixon when he found out he had the Corona virus, ESPN Tom Rinaldi doing his due diligence with the huge game between Georgia and Alabama, and just when they were talking quality it another huge thing to talk about Saban's positive testing 68 years old right there in the susceptibility range. Tom will be here at 805 a M Eastern to take us through that incredible moment. He was there in the room seven found out, Take it or shake. It is brought to you by Ranger pretty simple here, either We're taking it. It's a yes or shaking it and we're throwing it off. Let's roll, fellas. We are witnessing the best Aaron Rodgers play we have ever seen out of old number 12, take it or shake it. Like, you know, I mean, who set this narrative up that this is the best that we've ever seen? Yes, therefore no far, said it the other day. Yeah. So integrate reply just folded Dan Orlovsky. And did you hear what the guy and Rogers said himself to every parent Dan Orlovsky to Brett Legend Jack compare their plane of comparing their comments and so look. Yes, He's playing great football, but I've seen this before. I've seen it before. He just led his team to the NFC championship game last year. 26 7736 sets off for interception. 4000 yards. I mean, it's like I get it. It sounds great. He's motivated because Jordan Love got drafted. That's fine. But no, we've only played for five games this season could potentially be the best one ever wanna go back to reply? Who said that? Well, it was Brett Park. The man a quarterback set in his cell, meaning a Roger, he said his 74 more comfortable, but everybody judges him different. It's all in a bad year for me as a courier for a career year for others, love that arrogance. Love the swagger. That's why he is who he is. Let's run through this fellow's Philadelphia Eagles should sign Libyan bell taking or shaking himself. He tried to go by right quick. Shakey's you if you lay beyond Bel, I'm not going to the damn Philadelphia eat their bare football team. I'm tryingto win. Got my money from the Jets. Thank you, Jets. Now I need to get my Super Bowl win. So I'm looking for a contender. I'm looking for teen that I could go in and contribute right away. I'm looking for the Oakland Raiders, and maybe I compare myself with Josh Jacobs. I'm looking for the New England Patriots. I could get in that backfield. We can do those of the type of team..

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