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And you need to have in 2004 before you can actually do anything. You need to be invested. Yeah, yeah, you need to invest time and energy. The investing investment of time and energy resources to matter. You know, people in school soon automatically. Why is it going to school now? There was no way because our computer lab was just for decoration. Good day. Yes, no. You guys are not done. Not in really peculiar. I think Josephine is history. You remember a couple. So I think when they brought these students each I think Simon. I think everything. It's not Simon. Dan, he was into programming and stuff. He's one of the thoughts. If you see lamination like they are crazy developers. Wow. And we live school together. What happened? I think they were close to me. Instead of them taking computer science of the style going to the love and they started cooking. So for myself too, I think three. Why all of us, we are outside doing fine boyfriends. They ain't be loud. But in private session for I don't blame them. I don't even believe the guy goes. It shows me what I thought we had interested in it. And he walked. He walked out. Another time doing second juice could do that time. Not like doing it just didn't think. Do you have any was no day? When we went to a technical school, so obviously, like he said, his experience. It was interesting for him like this school like, but I wouldn't know. I don't think we have a discussed behind Facebook. I don't think we did. Like, what do you feel about it? Was your opinion on the idea like you have to land on the job like? What would you say is like the rights are proof to leaning? First of all, you need to decide how you want to then. Some people say they prefer PDFs are reading. To me, personally, I just haven't thought. If I videos. So you have options now. So if you are going to go into PDF routes, okay, maybe you can Google and okay, there are apps like solutions to help you redundant. But if you want videos, then there is udemy there. You want YouTube. YouTube is YouTube is very big. YouTube is the king of development now. You know, you have guitars like for goods. I think YouTube is for tutorials. Because compared to and it is free. I don't understand how you love it. Everybody, you know, every time you open YouTube, your feet, there's always the videos you see. So you know, the way all these companies are still in our data cleaning is to tell all the experiences. We are seeing you. But there's less assets. Now that was what I do. So once I open, I was also videos consigning design. You are your design. Our front end development. What I do is recommended for your commanders for you. So what I do is I've created to play personally private for me that I just named them design affluence and so antimicrobials a design video. Because I know I can't just watch its immediately. So in my free time, I will just go back there. I think that's my route. That was what I used for you to because we did a project on HMG, like for instance the advanced 2000. That access to publish an article. Stage one task. So publishing the article now, they said you should include links to tutorial videos. That was when it just occurred to me that. On YouTube I just searched in beginner tutorial for HTML. I saw it to our comprehensive video form. I think most. Although if we could come to. Yeah. So I've seen it. Speaking of linear scene. I was like, I was like, what's that? No, no, I feel like, you know, you know, creators are getting people. The fact that these resources are now. Are you need now these words? Just your dedication. Look for details, D Wi-Fi. Download. Just download. Okay. Problem is there are different categories. So how do you decide where you want? Do you want front end backend UI UX mobile? So okay, I think for the listeners, I know invested in Texas without you. How do we categorize this since okay? Okay, let's list them out. And we have them about mobile developments. We have machine learning. Data science. We have data science fiction and television. We study. So the basics are just like front end backend design and what again and data science let's put data science data. So how do you define front end to be looking front end is what you see in it from your websites. I think it's just websites. Go to Pascal, which you see. Not only website applications to basically frontend what you see. What you get to touch. Backend is Google. Depending on where it is. Let's say you want to post a picture of Facebook. Now, including the pictures. Why push the post board scene? What actually make that post birth informed or what I can make it upload to the Internet? Okay, the intestine. That's exactly. Stuff is book posts as an example now. That boats in. Yeah. That you are seeing is the front end. But in moments you push it push it. No, okay, okay. What's up? Yes. That makes that's in function. It's the back end. Your experience using it. Okay. Okay, can I, okay, I think I can actually do that. I'm doing design. So I think UI UX designer is like UI is like use our interaction and UX user experience. So that's basically falls into the category of how you feel and how you navigate where you're using your product. UI is like the beautiful splash screen. You want you guys see now the way you tap is the animation and order so color. For everything walks are the fonts and typography color, everything. So I think that's him. That's you I know. Yeah. Do you use that experience? It's actually more complex. UX is like, you know, when you pick up and up now why you like interacting with the fox now, you are comfortable which is in it. Like you don't think about using the app you just flew with it. I think that's a very good user experience. Well, you know, we are watching Silicon Valley now. I was 2040 black. He's not going to be spoilers. So in Silicon Valley, this guy was his name, I forgot his music. He did an app. So I think during the course of launching the app now, there goes over like 500,000 downloads. When it got to daily active users, there isn't like 30,000 people. Out of 500,000 downloads. It doesn't add up now. It's not equivalent. So it was wrong. I think in that case, the user experience was not clear too, because when they're coding before cost group, like for research, and they ask them, they choose other people. They are the idea is the app is okay. Well, using it, it's very confusing. User experience is like, I don't even understand what I'm doing. I think that's what you exclusive. Why you are using anything like a website like a mobile app. The fact that you can just know that your buttons are they are very easy for you to use the navigation everything. The experience that in is very different. I think that was user experience design. Yeah, that's because you buy tomorrow. You know, you know everything needs to know about its digital videos, it's like two seconds. Or does design a page maybe like ten pages like by the time you go to the third one? Well just on install. Exactly. No, you know, it's actually pleasant influence now. It is only for like if I don't have space on my phone now. I would do for the app that's even if it's the other make you happy to use exactly. You'll be likely to keep the one with bodies that experience. If you just kept for the sake of I needed to function, you might just remove it until it's completely. I think just the computation of data and the analysis of it now. Okay, data analysis. Data science is machine learning. I see on the Internet. I did different. I don't know how to relate that. Yeah. My dad's have to do it. Yeah, yeah. I think I read some videos. I mean, like, maximum knowledge of mathematics. You actually need much. And now you start moving some machine. Exactly like is computational. And machines to out to do something. Like artificial intelligence. So all these feuds now. And I think some of them you have to progress from stage to stage. Don't try to pass yourself. Like, you know, if you want to eventually go into data science. But is it like python for data science and python for backend? It's just a language. Python is white now. Button for many things. Okay, it's like a two now. Different aspects. Evolved beyond the programming language because you can use python for this curry anything for web okay for mobile. Anything. And it does you think about it. Okay, you think about ten days on application of python? Yes. A lot of that. I found stuff within my own python. Just by the end of the scene, it's a simple to use. So it's not simple to use. Content Andy. Something people get super Dungey. Yeah, yeah. I don't know what it still looks like. We are talking about the podcast with tech people. Python is beautiful. For virtually anything. And it's anything that arose on the Internet. I can't show that python application or the other. Makes sense. Okay, back to what we initially started learning on the job. The Lenin aspects is it a try to learn to an extent that you can continually because I think in this text piece we are doing Scotland because different frameworks libraries come out every time. Exactly. It's like a constant it takes place now. Yeah. Like every three days is. Exactly. I was doing one in ten ships with graceful good. Then, okay, they thought the initial basics for the first, I think it was violent to three months. So the first two months were just extend. The last month was now the practical application. What I learned, the final one month, that's the practical moment. It was more than what I learned the first two months because then they told us to build something. They give us different topics. So the total topic, then what's then how to do that particular application. So it's more about development. So it's a great and app for what I learned just done. It was more than what I've learned throughout. That was going to show you how to do it. But it doesn't mean that you can't do it on your own. Well, why you actually applied? Then that's when you start learning how to actually do it. Yeah, that brings me to something practice. If you ever think I'm going to eat this, I know you are not going to practice, don't try it. Let me see my own experience with it. So I was doing a console because there are Google's professional UX certificates. They are like 6 stages. It's only a default stage you get to actually designing. The fundamentals the food four weeks goes. That is the first part of the security aspects. Just to tell me what you see. For four weeks. Yes, just for four weeks. And looking at it, there are a lot of things I did not know. But at the same time, I'm working to do our videos. I'm using a figma to design. So my first wire frame was like, I was like, what is wire for me? I don't know. Just the skeletal muscle of the design. Then the guy explained it was like, don't think about it just think about where you want to put it. I've read nothing so way before, but I have no applied. I will add knowledge of it. See you understand me. But the moment I used my mouse to draw my fist square. I started getting things like auto layouts out to apply all those things. The stroke sound effects I know that. So the libraries you can add. Another stuff. And it was not I practiced before I knew. So me, me, in conclusion, I feel like practice is just maintaining. Even if you want, you will be leaning on the job. At the beginning, just gets to know what you are doing. So once you are balanced, then stop practicing and continue practicing. That's the only way you just get food. I know you practice you lend your own methods of doing it exactly because that's sometimes and I started front in that fist. It is a JavaScript use. And notice that I watch a lot of videos, but I will not do that. I will not try to work because I know what it's worth for them I know. I love you struggling, I'm struggling. You cut it again. And because of the practices I'm looking at, you have consistent. I will not find my own. Exactly. So once you press this all the time, you have your own method, and to make it easier for you. Not that you want to use whatever you do, you trade, you're going to sleep. You come back to your YouTube. You can look at two different one persons who can be Sue lines, other person can be 5 lines. And some people that will leave space after. It's. Not how you do yours. And you can't understand that. That's just it's about learning on the job. Yes, you learn on the jobs. It has to start from some driving foundation. It's very interesting. Exactly. So your foundation is just like building a house is like there's no foundation. I also think the beauty just constant practice. You have to keep up with strengths, yeah, because then you go offline for one week. You can just figure out things like you have like when did they add this feature that can help me, boy, if you are constant, you knew that you never be lost. And there is also something called to do your help. You continue fully into three hours, but you don't want to implement it. It has always been a problem for many of us. Those of you guys watching on YouTube, it was really an experience of people as any experiences that they've been in. They've been fully tutorials for a year now. Why? You adjust meant to follow it through the applied or you think of an application then look for studios to help you to do what you want to do. So you don't need to just start. There we are. That's the way I finished that one. And I go through and that's one. I would do so now I will never. Do the end. After. Me. Yeah, I'll just watch individual practice and it doesn't work that week. I would like you to learn in a classroom now. It's just like the lecturer comes down. Electrodes back to back. If you don't go home after each lecture, what's yours? And you actually apply that thing. Like you try to solve it to try to do it. Yes, they have thought you yes. You've seen this. If you go to YouTube now, you want to use the studio. How was it? And you've not used your mouse. You've not actually entered VS good to actually print a new world. Exactly. So you won't get anything because all those you just think okay, I've known this simple. If you don't apply it because why you are applying it, something like Google. There's a parameter.

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