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Talk about the warriors for second the reigning champs lost by forty last night to utah forty with kevin durant with klay thompson and with draymond green the dubs loss of the pacers last week by twenty and a week or so before that to the pacers at home by eleven and the weekend before that to utah by nineteen the warriors lost somewhere in there to the kings now apologists point out that the dubs by letting utah win last night by forty setup playoff voidance of said jazz and okay see tony are you gonna make the really dumb lame case that last night's minus forty constitutes a good loss i'm going to be very brief here does not constitute a good loss it constitutes a great loss constitutes perfect laws the warriors tanked and they tanked deliberately steve kerr met the media before the by ten they think if you're going to take tank big don't give yourself a chance steve kerr met the media beforehand and he acknowledged that if that if that team lost they would avoid russell westbrook who is the one guy in a legal can beat you by himself in a series and they would avoid utah which for some reason as their nemesis here thirty forty yeah so i mean it was it was the strategy you always talk about strategy we always talk about tanguay tanked and the reigning champs i know you think magic and bird michael jordan shack and coby ever needed to talk anybody when they were champions the golden they pass rate player like steph curry yes.

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