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Forward slash pod. Bean m m standing for mindfulness mode. I'm excited about today's show everybody because I met this man in in Atlanta. When I was there speaking at the consciousness conference, and he's an investor, and I'm going to share a little bit about him his bio David Chang is a based investor entrepreneur he founded angel vast group which provided the initial seed funding to bring Hanson robotics to Hong Kong from the USA, David was former product developer at Honda and MD in Japan and USA and he's invested in over twenty early and growth stage companies he's a former investment banker at US China, bulge bracket and boutique firms he also. Lead AMD's microprocessor technology transfer to China's ministry of science and technology David holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a b s electrical engineering degree from the university of Rochester. I totally enjoyed talking with David, and I think that will show in this interview that you're about to enjoy so sit back relax and take in this. Great interview with David Chang. Hey mindful tribe. I'm here today with an awesome gassed, I'm here with David Chang. And I know know, if you know David Chang is the chief financial officer at Hanson robotics. Hey, David are you in mindfulness mode today? I've been in mindfulness moat the entire weekend. I mean, we're here at this fantastic conference called the zen consciousness conference in Atlanta, Georgia, I've not been here in decades. And it certainly opened my mind about what consciousness can be as I said many times to the audience and new friends that are met here. I'm a newbie at this. I'm completely or I think I'm completely new at mindfulness, and I was trying to learn more about it and get exposed to it meet friends that could help me become more mindful and what I do. Well, david. It's absolutely has been a terrific weekend. I've been so excited to be here. But you know, you seem like a person who is grounded. And I know that you say you haven't really done a lot of mindfulness. But you seem like you're very grounded and very intentional. Just in the way, you come across. What what's your response to that? I suppose I should take that as a compliment. But I'll work on that. I'll try to be more edgy. I guess..

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