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And I think even though it's not always a good feeling with horror like most of the horror movies that I watch even if they're just bad in mediocre films. Like, I can still feel that thing with me at least until the next morning when I wake up there's something powerful to be said about art that you can feel with you. And so I think like after that time of just watching horror for so long in becoming not numb to it. But really distance from the initial fear of like just watching this movie. I realized that that might be a space where I can talk about a lot of the things that happened to me to I'm so afraid to bring out into I can't write poetry about this thing. Like yet. I can't write an essay about. This thing that happened to me. But there are a lot of ways that I can use the politics of horror film to like really suppressed that trauma in the subtext and scare the fuck out of people because I love scaring, the fuck out of people, especially little kids, which is like. What I'm trying to do. I'm definitely trying to be awesome goosebumps anthology. Scaring the fuck out of little kids. But also. Here's here. As well. That's a great quote from the youth. The United States of them kid. So that's just a spite for them. But also, I've been giving them that's more. Like, here's this thing that made you really really scared households shoe less and nothing RL Stein. Did that a lot and a lot of times he was just being ages. A lot of times he was being very sexist. There was a lot of isn't coming out of his work. But after every episode I walked out with the lesson. And I think that's something. I just wanna start working on film, and like how can provide these lessons to us that we didn't even know we need it, or or was gonna come from this film because a lot of people go to horror films, just for the adrenaline just for the thrill. And then you walk away with something that you weren't signing up for and like before I say this my audience is in no way. Like, why people sometimes it's white people? When I want to say some to them as white people. And when I want to say some to him this mitt, but other than that most of the time, I poetry is just for my peoples, and I think horror film can be a great way for me to just folk with white people and just also send them away with this thing like, and that's why I'm so excited about hor, especially like this new thing that I see like sneaking out this Candyman move. That's coming out. I'm super excited about just because like I was excited when I knew it was doing it. But I also got duly excited. When I knew a black one was directing because like I did this whole thing like googling horror films by black women and their few. But they're also a lot of just like horror films with black women in them that are severely racist. I just watched a horror short film that Brin Newsom directed. Have you seen that? No. Yeah. Who klein? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. She's an artist. She's a filmmaker at turns out, and she has short film called wake. It might be like on YouTube or on video somewhere. But it's a great short film. And it's you know, it's like an all black cast like in the south. It's beautiful. I think it's really yes horror. I'm so excited. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's great..

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