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Else's it's mine mine mine. However, I share it each week with a guest of my choosing I don't let people get shoved on me. You know forced onto me they're all people I enjoy whose company I I liked keep, and one of my favorite people is on today it's Rob Delaney. It's America's Sweetheart, Rob Delaney. America's sweetheart who ran away and went to a different country. I did I'm I'm speaking to you for your in London correct I? Sure. Am Yeah. You classier. You seem so classy. You know. Proclaiming I mean, there's classy aspects I mean, I'm not classy I. Mean I know the video element is not a part of your podcast right now you can see me and you've already you know what we're doing the preliminary stuff commented on my back sweat, which is true and that's that's that's me all over fic. Bachelorette I gotta find out he shouted out it's why it's way my showbiz career shot and right to the middle. Of My, my candor Myers Tunis. Yeah. STEWED perspiration observation. That's right So it's it's dinnertime near five o'clock right? Yeah dinnertime Roaches we. We don't eat too much after five o'clock I guess because I have little children you know about live live Gile than to medium-sized children who are seven and nine. How. How old is the little one? Just turned two well. Yeah. Yeah. That's a houseful. That's a house full of of all kinds of different noise. Yeah. A lot of ways noise. I mean, we did it on purpose. It's not. It hasn't taken us by surprise we do. We knew what would happen. Yeah. Yeah. Note and they are I find children to be beneficial to your life I have to remind. One of those people I don't proselytize like people like should I have kids I'm like. No made it to do than yes. Not Don't right. Right. Got knows airplane people without kids or relating feeling lives I I like mine. Glad I had them. You know if you WANNA. Be My guess you know I made a road rise to meet ya so how how long have you lived in the UK now? Almost six years I think allow yeah. Just about let's say six years Yeah Day you think this is a a permanent move. I don't know I. We moved here for the TV. Show catastrophe and figurative fucking fantastic TV show catastrophe. Thank you. Thank you very really funny and complex and and wonderful. Yeah. Thank you and Any TV show out would get canceled pretty quick him and sent back to the US and like my wife took a leave of absence from her job t jim in La thinking we'd.

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