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Sunday periods of rain some heavy at times especially along the interstate ninety five quarter in the news i'm eric king of frenetic pace of the west wing has stung local republican the eagles malcolm jenkins has already said he won't be joining his teammates in their visit to the white house but did say they are would ever consider if this were to happen i'm andrew kramer the ten pm celebrates the olympic we want people to understand that competition happens eleven o'clock i'm hadas kuznits i'll described the hands on activities that are getting kids in on the action they're making the point that the eagles are the greatest john mcdevitt that philadelphians hats arts convention news update there are some surprising talks ongoing between the two koreas on the sidelines of the winter olympics they've now produced on invitation to the president of south korea to visit the usually much more hostile north invitation from dictator kim jongil and relayed by his sister who is in the south for the games they are calling this olympic diplomacy these efforts to expand discussions between the north and south american officials are watching it very closely they may not like some of the images of south korea president moon smiling and dining shaking hands with the north koreans but the us maintains its relationship with south korea remains as strong as ever steve futterman cbs news yungchiang north korea's news agency does not mention that invitation to south korea's president moon but those call the talks frank and candid and no yes about the olympics they first us goldmedal goes to teenager ridge award in men's slope style snowboarding cbs news update i'm tom foty kyw news time is twelve thirty two checking the mealey's furniture jam cam.

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