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Sky Mike in the Gulf coast windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center it'll be when the wet and cold occurred beyond about on this Thursday high later today you're fifty one is winds gusting from the north northeast at times in clearing will take place overnight with a low thirty nice sunny tomorrow high fifty six a warmer weekend I'm meteorologist Jeff Mar from the weather channel rain in forty six in Conroe rain in forty eight here at the case here H. top tax defenders twenty four hour weather center ten on our top story border security and immigration the top issues for Texas voters in new polling former ice agent Victor abi lot told Houston's warning is a big part of the problem is sanctuary cities criminal alien get arrested for a crime they going to these jails and they don't notify ice and get relief sometimes I think sometimes out of spite I don't understand it in the poll thirty one percent of all Texas voters say the border is the top concern fifty two percent of Republicans have that as the top issue a critical breakthrough could produce a vaccine for the corona virus within two years UT Austin associate professor doctor Jason McClellan led the team he says the time line is way ahead of development for previous vaccines optimistically vaccine might be available in eighteen to twenty four months which might seem like a long on time but historically it's been one to two decades the actually the develop a vaccine and so this would still be historically really fast if everything goes according to plan gasoline up a penny this week to two oh nine a gallon Josh was super at triple a Texas gas prices are expected to rise Lee moved through the rest assured you are perhaps into March as well because of refinery beat in season and we're gonna be talking about that summer blend gasoline before we know it a gallon is now just two cents higher than this time last year on Wall Street the Dow is now down thirty the nasdaq is down fifteen with the S. and P. five hundred is up to oil at fifty four thirty two and X. updated ten thirty and now more the Michael berry show I'm Scott crater in Houston's news weather and traffic station news for your sudden forty KJRH hope your day is going well this is a time of year when hearty food is happy the folks at war Rogers restaurants suggest you try a new brisket burgers it's a juicy Roy Rogers cheese burger topped with grilled onions Smithfield shredded brisket tangy barbecue sauce and sandwiched between two pieces of sourdough bread burger brisket bring in right on down to the Roy Rogers restaurants near you for the brisket until then happy trails to door dash is available at participating restaurants where did everybody go everybody's at McDonald's because the old bay **** fish with it tanki tasty tartar sauce is back but then it's just two for five dollars and you can mix or match with original fully fish but didn't they know they can get it with my delivery through over eats or door dash skews me there is a mile away from the office of the the.

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