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In some ways. I think that that probably is true. I think even since we've been here There has been a noticeable change in the in the demographic canal there are many more people a on just is actually just awarded demographic is sort of. That's one bad thing to say. It's just a satellite of cambridge and it really. Isn't i mean it really is a proper village in its own right and it has an identity and id. Yes we are in cambridge. But it's not mean trumpington. I think is slow to cambridge. As i think that has less of its identity but i think really is and then acoustical television program which is quite good. It was very good with james autumn. Isn't it slightly less good now but again at that has raised the profile. And sometimes you get a church and people will have come specifically to grant just to come in. Look at the church because they've seen it on television so i'm just gonna play the promo for the drama series crunches which is now in its fifth season and you guys may wanna listen to it on on the parish conscious fee to do down there i imagine. Do you feel like you're accepted as part of the village now twenty years. yeah definitely. it's important to get involved in live in this community. That's that's the point of it. That's points villages and it really that you people in you in you will. You will pull together. Feels like a village was a place that supported each other during covert and and everyone was there to look out for each other very much. I think we will complete east shocked by is and fact we. We have the loss of proportionate. I think there are lots of elderly people and grunge strategy people used to get a buy food for people. Get them prescriptions and just go in the talks them through the from the couldn't go to social distance. But yeah you just gain and anybody who wants anything so we went and drop leaflets. Who every and said this is the number to ring if you need anything and in just words incredibly well actually people felt that they were people looking out for them and an inspiration them if they need today which is important but it meant the burden was shad through a lot of different people which was which was good because there's no way that one person she could have done with that so it was an event that you met people that you had necessarily met before which was nice so i think that you know what will we had relatively good. Kobe lockdown uptake. You the first time. I think which was the worst the worst whether it was nice and stuff but it was the one worth that you weren't allowed to do anything go anywhere or whatever and i think. That was quite scary for lots of people particularly philip by themselves which the older people do say. Yeah it was it was it was. It was a good good effort. Shame my Best friend and i met when we were five at the graduate school which was Yeah as i said before like on the site of an original roman camp and actually kids would find ancient in the playground. Bizarrely like in england. Many of the schools are run by the church england. Which is actually pretty super weird. Anyway meant that. Shane and i had to sing. Turgid anglican religious songs every day. The old school meetings wasn't like for you shame. That was very difficult for me. Yeah i'm sure you. I think it was the same as every other school that you were supposed to have bilo. You're supposed to have Re so religious. Education is the National curriculum even though and i was just talking to the back. It's like i'd never actually been in the house but you remember. We go and steal their apples. We'll look this done. Think i've been thinking about this a lot lately. Because this time of year is is scrimping scrimping season and. We used to do a lot of that. And i can't scramble up walls like i used to be able to. And and it's a shame. Because i've got my eye on a couple of really nice apple trees in one night so i'll be thinking about the buckets. The buckets had these huge trees ferry large apples and they had lots of them. I mean that wasn't just an orchard and they didn't pick any and they were they. Were being apple's you couldn't scrimp six of them because you couldn't carry them back over the wall in and there was him but they were delicious. That were huge juicy and sweet and we were so scared. I remember just being petrified. We just thought they like the rope. Violence whereafter us we. I is a bit deliverance because they got so big right and there trees were intimidatingly. Large never seen apple trees that actually that would total. There were seventy foot trees and while we were about to six maybe they looked a bit bigger than there actually were but yes g. member like walking home through the meadows yes. Another some thing in cambridge is when you got two teenage years. We used to have parties in the meadows will come flipside or things that we walk on medical doc in midsummer in but it was a matching. Kids is still doing that now. I love it down. The meadows great on they. What would we have done without the meadows. I mean we had. We had a bull in those places in the summer. When you go back to grant still like. How's it changed. What's changed no no go. Carriage that sells the bowls of tenderloin lynam burdock in has the smith toys. My remember this math toys. Yeah yeah yeah. I mean i work great so yeah the garage do it. Now it is cooled cambridge distillery. It's a light gin distillery. Well you answered your own question there once once. Grantchester becomes gentrified and hips defied. Then that's how answering the question. How's it changed. I think that's i couldn't have anticipated that and we wouldn't have anticipated that women here at school in short trousers. So when this code a guarantee and then next to it was the teeny little police station. That was the it. Wasn't that the old english way was basically. You just get one police sergeant chaman house. And he doesn't come out for anything you could have had a mad exponential escaped from full or something and he wouldn't really if he was having his beans on toast he wouldn't come out. I remember him. What does it mean if crunches to become gentrified like what does it mean for village life like generally well. I would expect a lot of pop-up bullshit restaurants overpriced and kofi becomes a thing. I can't see that being a pop-up michelin star. Restaurant or a food. Truck is but they're always was efficient..

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