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These police officers public service so far this Rouge police chief Murphy Paul the suspected gunman is in custody America's listening to fox news one oh six one FM talk there's another re open in C. protest in the works Richard Stalin reports more protesters are expected across the streets of downtown Raleigh tomorrow as lawmakers return to the capital for the first day of the North Carolina General Assembly this on the heels of governor Roy Cooper announcing last week that he would extend the state wide stay home order through may eighth and keep schools closed for the remainder of the academic year led by the group re open and see the protesters have vowed to hold rallies each Tuesday into the state's economy is put back to work I'm Richard styling the latest figures released by the North Carolina department of health and Human Services show as of Sunday there were nearly nine thousand confirmed cases of corona virus state wide nearly a hundred a thousand people have been tested and there been three hundred twenty five deaths now in North Carolina coronavirus cases have been reported in ninety four of the state's one hundred counties police in Durham are offering a cash reward for information leading to the persons responsible for a series of shootings at the McDougald terrace complex a man was shot Sunday in the thigh along Lakeland street beyond that investigators are still trying to solve shootings at McDougal that occurred April thirteenth as well as another that injured a one year old girl April first police in Greensboro are investigating the death of a man fatally shot Saturday night at a home on a wood street the victim identified as fifty year old Dorian Patterson died at the scene fox eight in the triad reports Patterson had been involved in an altercation with someone at the home so far there's been no arrests Ryan Newman plans to resume driving as soon as NASCAR gets the green light to return Newman who was injured in a crash during the Daytona five hundred confirmed his intentions during Sunday's virtual Talladega race you still there has to be medically cleared by NASCAR for more on corona virus go to.

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